10 tips for an energy efficient workplace

It’s not easy to get people engaged with saving energy in their workplace – especially when it’s not been made a top priority for them.

With companies that may have dozens of computers running and hundreds of lights on at any one time, many employees will wonder what difference they can make.

Use these top tips to show your employees or colleagues how they can make a big difference to your business energy bill and your bottom line.

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Green Champions

Graphic showing green champion with clipboard - E.ON

You have fire wardens on each floor so why not an energy warden? Have one person who does regular checks on energy waste in their department and ask them to produce informal reports on what can be improved.

Make it official

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When new people join the company, make sure they are aware of their energy saving responsibilities and make it clear how important it is to the company, so that they will do all they can to save energy.                                                                                                                                   

Home energy help

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Provide employees with energy saving tips for their home and give them an electricity monitor for them to use on their large appliances – make saving energy a habit they get into at home as well as at work.

Be open about goals

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Be open with your employees and show them how much running the building costs per year by using energy monitoring tools. If they are able to see how much they can save, then they are more likely to engage.                                                                                                                 

Energy waster jar

Graphic showing coins in jars - E.ON

Give each team a jar and a set of energy saving goals to follow, such as turning off computers overnight. If anyone forgets you could ask them to contribute some money to the energy waster jar. The money collected can be given to charity or used for staff treats.


Graphic showing cup and baskets of rewards on a table - E.ON

Provide extra treats for teams or floors that have made the biggest strides in saving energy each month. The winning team will get prizes based on random spot checks carried out by your Green Champion.


Graphic of people playing tug of war over a light - E.ON

Make energy saving a friendly competition within the company. Pit teams against each other and reward the ones who engage most enthusiastically with energy saving initiatives. Not only will it help to save energy, but it will encourage healthy competition and stronger relationships between teams.

Tea rota

Graphic of cups of tea and kettle - E.ON

Get back to basics with a tea rota for teams. Instead of boiling the kettle five separate times, take it in turns to go and make a big round – lots of small changes can make a big overall difference.                          


Graphic showing presents, balloons and champagne on a table - E.ON

With this new openness you can incentivise your energy saving – reward people for thinking creatively about energy efficiency rather than just obeying the basic rules. The money you save on this year’s energy bills compared to last year can go towards the staff Christmas party.

Get the boss on board

Graphic showing boss leaving an office with light turned off - E.ON

Make sure any energy saving ideas or incentives come from the very top and that the management are also taking part. Employees are far more likely to engage with energy saving if they can see the rules apply to everyone.

When offering incentives or benefits, you may need to consider the tax implications.

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