Improve your ventilation efficiency.

Practical ways to make your ventilation perform better and use less energy:

  • Choose the right fan – there’s a big difference between the performance of makes and specifications of fans. So it’s important when you’re choosing your ventilation to take a close look at the energy consumption and output figures. Make sure that the air volume and pressure offered by the fan matches what the job requires.
  • Ensure a clear air passage – as the fan power that’s used in a ventilation unit used is proportional to the pressure the fan has to overcome in delivering the air, avoid any restrictions or changes of direction of the air through ducting. Inlet and outlet cones are a common replacement for the old duct cover systems as they deliver big increases in throughput for no extra energy cost.
  • Clean your systems – agriculture creates dusty and dirty conditions. So make sure fan blades and guards are free from the build up of dirt and dust by cleaning the ventilation systems regularly – as well as running better, it will make your system more efficient and less costly to run.
  • Choose variable speed drives – if you’re selecting ventilation for crop storage with single or twin fans, you can get better control of air delivery using variable speed drives. For instance, in crop storage, when the initial drying and cooling is over and lower airflows are needed for winter cooling, a constantly low air delivery will be cheaper to deliver than periodic full speed operation. Reduce the fan speed by 20% and you’ll see your power consumption falls by almost 50%, resulting in lower energy costs1.

Figures taken from the Carbon Trust: Variable Speed Drives.