Direct Debit Manager

Take control of your monthly payments

Direct Debit Manager can help you understand your fixed monthly payments and control your budget over the year.

If you’ve already got an online account, you can use your Direct Debit Manager straight away.

If your account number starts with 39 and you want to change your Direct Debit please log in to your online account and fill out the online form or request a call back. You can find the form within your account page under the help menu.

Check your Direct Debit

  • View your current Direct Debit payment 
  • Get advice to understand your payment and why some details might have changed
  • Check your annual review date to see you’re on track with your payments.

Energy and payment overview

  • See how your Direct Debit payments are worked out according to how much energy you use
  • Budget through the year by keeping track of your energy use for each season.

Change your Direct Debit

  • Change your monthly Direct Debit payments to keep on track for your annual review
  • See how changing your Direct Debit payment affects your balance and annual budget.

Get your online account

With an online account you can pay bills, send meter readings and check out any discounts you’re getting, all through your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.