Bereavement Notification Form

This form will help you to give us all the information we need, however you don’t have to fill in everything, just the fields marked with an *. If there’s anything else we need to know, a member of our Bereavement Support Team will get in touch.

The following information would be helpful, but don’t worry if you haven’t got it to hand.

  • Meter readings at the property
  • Details of the executor or solicitor who's looking after things
  • Details of what's happening to the property next

If you’re having any problems filling out this form, please contact our Bereavement Support Team on 0333 202 4841.

Bereavement Notification Form

Customer details
Date passed away
We may need to talk to someone about the property, so please pass on an email address or phone number if known.
Some people arrange for an executor or solicitor to manage things after they die. If you have these details, please let us know.
Date of Birth
Property details - The next section of the form helps you to tell us what is happening to the property now.
If property is returned to Landlord / Letting Agent
If the property will continue to be occupied under a new name, and you have their details, please let us know. However, it's not essential.