Direct Debit

If you’ve experienced issues regarding your Direct Debit recently, please see our support page for more information on this. Information updated 08/01/2021.

How can I set up a Direct Debit?

You'll need to go to our website to register as an online customer and then you'll be able to set up your Direct Debit.

To register you’ll need your account details to hand and an activation email to complete registration. You'll get your activation code immediately as you register to the email address you use to set up your online account.

If you've an outstanding balance on the account, you'll need to clear this. Once this is complete, you'll be able to set up your monthly Direct Debit.

If you prefer, you can set up a Direct Debit by contacting us and one of our colleagues will be happy to arrange the right Direct Debit for you.

How to manage your Direct Debit online

How do you work out how much I'll pay each month?

To work out your monthly payments, we look at your meter readings from the last 12 months. This shows us how much energy you’ve used. If we don’t have a year’s worth of readings, we’ll use estimated readings or details about the property.

This is how we work out your monthly payment:

  • Estimate how much energy you’ll use until your annual review
  • Take into account your current balance
  • Divide this amount by how many payments you have left until your annual review

Am I paying the right amount?

Providing regular meter readings can help make sure your Direct Debit covers what you use. To check you're paying the right amount, log into your account and select Manage your Direct Debit in the My account menu. If you don't have an online account, you can set one up in a couple of minutes.

Can I make a lump sum payment to reduce my Direct Debit?

You can pay a lump sum online using our online payment pages. You’ll need your account number and a credit or debit card handy.

Once this payment has cleared you can see the impact this has on your Direct Debit amount.

Log into your online account and select Manage your Direct Debit underneath the My account menu. This will let you check and accept changes to your Direct Debit, taking the recent one-off payment into account. If you don't have an online account, you can set one up in a couple of minutes.

How can I make sure my Direct Debit payments reflect how much I actually use?

Giving us regular meter readings will mean you'll get a better picture of your energy use and what you'll need to pay. You can use your Direct Debit Manager to keep an eye on your payments and make sure that you're on track to pay for the energy you'll use over the year.

If your circumstances change - for example if you have an addition to the family, have an extension built, or if someone moves out - please let us know, so we can review your payments.

How does E.ON Direct Debit work?

You'll normally use more energy in the winter and less in the summer. If you pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit, you can spread the costs of your energy evenly over the year rather than having a high bill in winter and a low bill in summer.

Depending on the date of your annual review, your account will show either a debit or credit throughout the year, the aim is to have a zero balance at your annual review.

The annual review reviews your account (including any credit, debit and meter reads) and makes sure you’re on track to have a zero balance at your next annual review, in 12 months time. We’ll also refund any credit you’ve got over £5 (if it’s under £5, we’ll take this off your payments for next year).

We aim to make your annual review date either a year after you’ve set up your Direct Debit or a year after your last review.

What is an annual review?

Every year we'll look at how much energy you've used over the last 12 months and may update your Direct Debit to make sure your payments are spread evenly across the year. 

We'll look at your account and decide if your payments need to change. We always try to make sure you've nothing to pay by the time of your next annual review.

We'll always send you a new schedule of your payment either by email or letter, even if your payments are staying the same.

Why have you reviewed my payments?

A Direct Debit can be changed for a number of reasons, such as:

  • We’ve recently received meter readings showing that your energy use is higher or lower than was previously estimated
  • Tariff/prices have changed
  • Change of personal circumstances, such as working from home, or people moving in or out
  • Change to energy use such as adding or removing a hot tub or fish tank
  • We regularly review your monthly Direct Debit payment throughout the year to make sure you’re paying the right amount.

We try to get you back to a zero balance by your next annual review. That way you’re only paying for what you use and don’t build up a large debt or credit. When we review your payment, we comply with the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Why are my Direct Debit payments different to what you've estimated that I'll spend?

Sometimes your payments won't match the amount that we've estimated you'll spend on energy over the next 12 months. This is because when we work out your payments, we don't just look at how much your energy will cost in the next year, we also have to:

  • Look at your balance and any payments you're about to make
  • Calculate how many payments we may be able to take before your next annual review, this will usually be less than 12

Direct Debit calculation

  • We estimate what we think you’ll use between now and your annual review
  • We then add or subtract your current balance and any payments you’re about to make
  • Finally, we divide the final figure by the amount of monthly payments we’ll receive before your annual review.

For example, if you annual review is due in six months, we may calculate your monthly payments like this:

  • Estimated energy = £500
  • Current balance = £100

This would bring your total amount to £600. If your annual review was due in six months, you would therefore be expected to pay six equal monthly payments of £100.

I have updated my Direct Debit and no payment was taken?

Sometimes if you update your Direct Debit online, it’s too late for us to make the change in time for your next payment (so if you update your account on the 7th October and your payment is due to be taken on the 10th October, we won’t be able to update your account with your new details in time, so no payment is taken).

If this happens, we’ll spread the missed payment out over your payments going forward.

Why are you refunding my credit and increasing my Direct Debit at the same time?

All our Direct Debit customers have an annual review to make sure that the amount is correct; at this point we’ll refund any credit you have. We then reset your Direct Debit using the previous 12 months readings and start afresh. You can choose to keep the credit on your account which will possibly reduce the Direct Debit over Summer, but it may still need to change at some point.

How do you know how much energy I'm going to use?

To work out how much energy we think you'll use until your annual review, we look at your readings - whether they're actual or estimated - to get an idea of what you've used in the last 12 months. Actual readings give us a more accurate picture of your energy use, so that's why we ask you to give us your readings every time you receive an estimated bill.

What should I do if I can't afford my Direct Debit?

If you think you may have problems paying your monthly Direct Debit payment, please contact us as soon as possible and we can talk about what we can do to help.

I've just changed tariff, do my Direct Debit payments take this into account?

Your Direct Debit manager will update to reflect your new tariff, and include any discounts.

When will my new Direct Debit payment amount be taken from my bank account?

We'll send you confirmation of the changed payment amount in writing. If you've let us know before that it's okay to email you about changes to your payment, you'll get an email confirmation from us instead of a letter. The date your new Direct Debit payment amount starts will be on this confirmation.

What happens to my payments if the date of my next statement changes?

We won’t change your payments straight away.

Your Annual Review will be moved so it’s in line with when we send your statements. At your annual review your account may have some debt or a credit. Any credit over £5 will be refunded (if we’ve received a meter reading within six months of your annual review). Any outstanding balance will be spread out over your payments for the next year.

What happens if I'm in credit or debit at my annual review?

Anything you owe us will be added to and spread out over your payments for the next 12 months.

Anything we owe you will be paid back into your bank account as long as you've given us a meter reading in the last 180 days.

Do I get a discount for paying my Direct Debit?

If you choose to pay by Direct Debit, we may reduce your prices instead of discounting your bill. If you stop paying by Direct Debit or miss payments, your prices may increase.

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