Your prepayment electricity meter

We've pulled together some simple steps you can try when you get different messages on your meter.

If you want to repay a debt through your meter

Set up a repayment plan

You'll need to agree to a weekly collection rate with us when you set your repayment plan, which we set on your meter.

Top up your meter

We then collect any money you owe us automatically through your meter. This is taken hourly over the week, but never more than what's agreed.

Take note

The money you owe will still be collected even if you're using emergency credit.

How do I repay my outstanding balance through my electricity meter?

Remember, it's part of the agreement that you top up each week. And if you don't, or don't top up enough, the meter will add up everything it couldn't take, and show that on the screen. When you next top up, it'll take that out first before credit for electricity can be used.

We'll agree a weekly amount with you that we'll take off your electricity meter. We'll take 1% of the weekly repayment amount every 101 minutes.

So if you've agreed that you're going to pay back £5.00 a week, the meter will take 5p every 101 minutes, until you've paid your £5.00 for that week. That's about 72p a day.

Press the blue button on your meter to move through these displays

  • A - Display test
    A default display, which tests the blue button's working.
  • B - Emergency reset amount
    The minimum amount you need to top up your meter with so that emergency credit will be available again.
  • C – Time
    The time your meter thinks it is. It could be wrong in summer as it shows Greenwich Mean Time.
  • D – Date
    Date and current rate. If you have a two-rate meter, it’ll show which rate you’re currently being charged.
  • E – Total credit accepted
    The total amount that has been credited to your meter.
  • F – Total weekly charges
    Your weekly standing charge, including any weekly repayment arrangement you might have.
  • G – Total energy consumed
    The total amount of electricity consumed since your meter installation.
  • H – Day unit reading
    This is your meter reading. When you top up, your key sends us a reading from here. We use this on your statements to show how much electricity you’ve used.
  • I – Day time pence per unit
    What we charge you per unit of electricity you use (for all units on a one-rate meter, or day time use for a two-rate meter).
  • J – Night unit reading
    Your night time electricity reading. This only applies to two-rate meters.
  • K – Night pence per unit
    The rate we charge you for night usage. Again, this only applies to two-rate meters.

Lost or faulty electricity key?

Don't worry, it happens to us all. Just fill in the form to ask us for a replacement electricity key.

You can also get this information when you put your key into your meter

R – Emergency credit

How much credit is available, should you need it.

S – Total debt outstanding

If we’ve agreed for you to repay a balance through your meter, this is where you find out how much is left.

T – Debt repayment rate

The fixed weekly instalment amount we’ve agreed for repaying your balance.

Electricity meter fault codes - If your electricity meter displays one of these codes, here's what you need to do

Error A3

Don't worry, this means your key was taken out too soon. Just pop it back in.

Error 10

Try cleaning your key's chip with a dry cloth. If the message stays, then your key's programmed for a different meter. Give us a call to sort it out.

Blank screen

Insert your key and hold the blue button down. If that doesn't work, call us and we'll send someone to take a look.

Error number from 6-44, NO, A1, A2, A6, A10, B1-B7, B9, C4, C5, D1-D7, D9, E4, E5

These different error codes are all caused by a faulty key. Get a new one at or give us a call on 0345 303 3040.

Reset, token no, or error number 1, 2, 3, 50, 99, A4, A5, A7, A8, A9, C1, E1, E6

Unfortunately, these error codes all mean that your meter's broken. Please give us a call and we'll send someone out to you.