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Fix 1 Year

Total peace of mind for 12 months with no exit fees

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Fixed 1 Year - E.ON

Total peace of mind for 12 months with no exit fees

Summary of features

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What you need to know

  • Our Fix 1 Year tariff keeps you protected from price increases for 12 months, subject to VAT and regulatory changes
  • There's no exit fee with this tariff
  • This is available as a Dual Fuel or electricity-only tariff, and isn't available if you pay by key or card (prepayment) or top up online (Smart Pay As You Go)
  • If you've got a complex meter, like Economy 7 for example, you'll be able to get this tariff if you choose a single-rate quote

Go Clean with your tariff*

Upgrade this tariff to a Clean energy option for just £2 per month by flicking the "Go Clean" switch when you get a quote.

*Additional information


Our Clean upgrade is only available on our fixed tariffs, but we're not currently able to upgrade your tariff if you're an E.ON Click customer, or if you're on our Fix and Drive tariff which already comes with Clean goodness.