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Fix 2 Year Clean £2

Peace of mind with clean goodness and fixed prices for 24 months

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Straight-up fixed prices for 24 months with clean goodness and no exit fees.

Summary of features

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Fix 2 Year with Clean £2

What you need to know

  • Our Fix 2 Year tariff keeps you protected from price increases for 24 months, subject to VAT and regulatory changes
  • There's no exit fee with this tariff
  • This is available as a Dual Fuel or electricity-only tariff, and isn't available if you pay by key or card (prepayment) or top up online (Smart Pay As You Go)
  • If you've got a complex meter, like Economy 7 for example, you'll be able to get this tariff if you choose a single-rate quote
  • If you sign up for this tariff, we’ll contact you about smart meters and arrange the best time to fit them in your home. If we can’t install a smart meter, you’ll stay on this tariff

*Additional information

We're currently unable to upgrade your tariff if you're an E.ON Click customer.