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tado° 1 Year tariff

Protect your prices for 12 months and get a tado° smart thermostat

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E.ON Fixed 1 Year tado° Bundle v3

E.ON Fixed 1 Year tado° Bundle v3 protects you from price increases for 12 months, subject to VAT and regulatory changes, and includes a tado° smart thermostat plus home installation.

This tariff comes with a tado° smart thermostat plus installation

There's a £75 exit fee per fuel.

This is only available as a Dual Fuel tariff, and isn't available for prepayment or Smart Pay As You Go.

If you'd like to sign up for this tariff, you'll need to pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit. See the full T&Cs for tado° eligibility.

Summary of features

  • £150 Exit Fee (£75 per fuel)

    There is an exit fee of £75 per fuel if you choose to change suppliers before your renewal period, which is 49 days before your tariff is due to end. If you choose to switch to another E.ON tariff or move house, no exit fee will apply.

  • Email address needed

    A valid email address must be provided.

  • It's a 12 Month Tariff

    Prices are fixed for 12 months from your tariff start date.

  • Simpler Discounts

    There will be no paperless billing or dual fuel discounts with this tariff, however if you pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit you will receive a £45 reduction to your standing charge per fuel per year

  • Claiming your tado smart thermostat

    Within 14 days of coming on supply with both fuels you will get an email telling you how to claim your tado smart thermostat. Please respond to this email within 14 days of receiving it. You must claim your tado smart thermostat within two months.

  • Full detail included in T's and C's

    Full details of the offer and how we use your data are included in the tariff terms and conditions.

  • Payment by Direct Debit only

    This tariff is only available to customers paying by Fixed monthly Direct Debit.

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