Energy saving home improvements

Helping low income households heat their homes for less.

We want to help our customers save energy and money in their homes and there are some really simple ways to save. But making big changes to your home can be expensive. So we’re helping the families and communities who need it most to make energy saving improvements in their home.

You could be eligible if you rent privately or own your home and you, or someone living with you, gets certain benefits. Eligible households could get loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, or if your boiler's broken, even a new boiler for free. The process is really simple; just follow the 4 simple steps below.


Start by filling out our simple application form to tell us a little about you, your benefits and your home. We’ll then call you to go through some more detail.

Apply now


Home Visit
If you’re eligible we’ll send someone round to take a look at your home. They'll have a look at how your home uses energy and how that could be improved. We’ll let you know on your home visit what you can get for free and if there’s anything to pay towards any extras such as new pipe work, radiators or additional safety work. In most cases you won’t have to pay anything and it’s up to you if you still want to go ahead. 


We’ll let you know what improvements we could make.


Qualified installers will carry out the work.

All done You can start to see the benefits like lower heating bills or a warmer home.