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Fancy saving £70 a year by paying your monthly bills by Direct Debit?

    It'll take just 5 minutes:

    1. Log in and activate your account

      Log in to your account and fill in your details in the Direct Debit section. You’ll need to have your bank details (your sort code and account number) handy.

    2. We'll contact your bank

      We’ll get in touch with your bank and set up the Direct Debit for you – we’ll let you know when it’s all set up.

    3. You’re all set up and ready to start saving

      Once your Direct Debit is set up we’ll start taking your payment every month. You’ll get £35 a year off your standing charge for each fuel you have with us.

    How does our fixed monthly Direct Debit work?

    • A fixed payment will be taken out every month

      A fixed monthly Direct Debit helps you to spread the cost of your bill throughout the year, rather than paying a high bill in winter and a low bill in summer. After activating your online account, you can set up a monthly Direct Debit yourself. Your £70 saving will be applied every year as long as you’re paying by fixed monthly Direct Debit. Your standing charge will increase by £35 per fuel, per year, if you cancel or we're unable to collect your fixed monthly Direct Debit.

    • We’ll estimate your monthly energy usage

      Based on what you use we’ll estimate how much you’ll spend over the year. We’ll then average the cost over the year and suggest how much you need to pay each month. We’ll then pass on the £70 saving, made up of £35 for electricity and £35 for gas, across the year.

    • Then one easy fixed payment will go out each month

      There’s no reason to worry about nasty surprises or late payments with one simple fixed payment. Use your Direct Debit Manager to keep track of your payments, and make sure you're not paying too much. If our estimate was above your actual usage, at the end of the year we’ll refund you any extra you’ve paid. We’ll then re-estimate for the following year. 

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    • Save even more with our Saving Energy Toolkit

      • You can be in control of how much energy you use
      • See where you're spending the most money
      • Start using only what you need