Our contact centre is currently experiencing long call wait times, we're sorry for any inconvenience the delays may have caused. We're working to resolve this as quickly as possible, but in the meantime we encourage you to use your online account to complete your task before trying to call in. If you don't have an online account you can register for one.
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  • Pay by Direct Debit and find out how much you can save

    See if you're able to benefit

    If you pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit, you'll get access to our widest range of tariffs. You could also get up to £70 off* every year compared to paying for your energy when you get your bill.

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It won't take long

  1. Log in and activate your account

    Log in to your account and fill in your details in the Direct Debit section. You’ll need to have your bank details (your sort code and account number) handy.

  2. We'll contact your bank

    We’ll get in touch with your bank and set up the Direct Debit for you – we’ll let you know when it’s all set up.

  3. And you're done

    Once we’ve set up your Direct Debit, we’ll start taking your payment every month, so you can relax knowing that everything’s taken care of.

How does our fixed monthly Direct Debit work?

  • We'll estimate how much you'll use each month

    When you choose to pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit, we’ll estimate how much you’ll use for the coming year based on how much you’ve used across the last twelve months.

  • You'll pay a monthly payment

    We’ll then average out the cost to make up your monthly payment. A fixed monthly Direct Debit helps you to spread the cost of your bill across the year, rather than paying a high bill in the winter and a low one in the summer**.

  • We'll adjust your standing charge

    If you’re currently paying for your energy when you get your bill, you could get up to £70 off* every year with a fixed monthly Direct Debit. If you’re switching from another payment method, your standing charge adjustment may vary***.

Making the most of your energy experience

  • Saving Energy Toolkit - E.ON
  • Save even more with our Saving Energy Toolkit

    • You can be in control of how much energy you use
    • See where you're spending the most money
    • Start using only what you need

  • *Not available with our Cap and Track 1 Year tariff.

    **Every year we’ll carry out an annual review of your energy use and try to make sure your balance is £0 on this date. We may need to increase or reduce your Direct Debit to make this happen. We’ll let you know.

    ***If you cancel your Direct Debit, your standing charge may increase.