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Generating your own energy

Become more independent and save money on your energy bills

Solar generation

Solar and storage

We're bringing you innovative solar and battery technology that lets you store solar energy. So as well as making your own energy from the sun, you can now use it when you need it, day or night.

Solar panels
solar panels on house

Battery storage

Solar battery storage means you’ll keep more of the solar energy you generate to use when you need it, day or night. It’s a great addition to your new or existing solar solution. 


Battery storage

Solar calculator

You could save on your electricity bills with E.ON Solar, as well as earning money too. Pop your postcode into our easy solar calculator and see what you could save.


Solar calculator

What our customers say...

"I'm really pleased with my solar panels. They were installed extremely quickly and smoothly. I wanted a large, reputable company to do the installation who I felt could be trusted and that's why I chose E.ON."

Jean, Newark