Energy saving home improvements

Helping low income households heat their homes for less.


Start by filling out our simple application form to tell us a little about you, your benefits and your home. We’ll then call you to go through some more detail.

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If you’re eligible we’ll send someone round to take a look at your home. They'll have a look at how your home uses energy and how that could be improved. We'll let you know on your home visit what you're eligible for and what you'll need to pay towards the install.


We’ll let you know what improvements we could make.


Qualified installers will carry out the work.

All done. You can start to see the benefits of free loft insulation like lower heating bills, or a warmer home.

We want to help our customers save energy and money in their homes and there are some really simple ways to save. But making big changes to your home can be expensive. So we’re helping the families and communities who need it most to make energy saving improvements in their home.

You could be eligible if you rent privately or own your home and you, or someone living with you, gets certain benefits. Eligible households could get free loft insulation, free cavity wall insulation, or if your boiler's broken, even a new boiler. 

What home improvements can we offer

If you're eligible we'll come and look at your home and let you know which energy saving home improvements are suitable for your home and what we can do for you.

Given you claim certain income related benefits, own your home or rent from a private landlord, and your boiler was installed before 2005 and is broken or not working properly, you could be eligible for help towards a replacement boiler, loft or cavity wall insulation.

We'll let you know on your home visit what you're eligible for and what you'll need to pay towards the install.

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House with free insulation and boiler grants

Free Loft Insulation Grants

Free loft insulation

Heat rises and so a lot of heat is lost through your roof. Making sure the loft space is well insulated will keep heat inside your home for longer and your heating won’t need to be on as long. Many lofts are already insulated but could benefit from a top-up. If there is no insulation or the existing insulation is less than 150mm, you could qualify for new insulation.

Free Cavity Wall Insulation Scheme

Cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation

Some homes have walls with a hollow space in the middle. By filling that space with insulation hot air gets trapped making it harder for it to escape through the walls. Putting insulation in the space is quick to do and can be done from the outside of the house.

Hard to treat cavity wall insulation

Some walls with a hollow space in the middle aren’t easy to insulate. These include walls with quite a narrow space (less than 50mm) or made from unusual building material like metal frames.

Boiler Grants and Scrappage Scheme

Boiler grants

Sometimes your boiler just doesn’t work as well as it should. If you have a broken boiler, you could get a brand new A rated boiler. We’re not an emergency repair service though so if you need immediate help, call a heating engineer. If you can smell gas, call 0800 111 999.

All of these improvements come with great benefits:

    • Your home should be warmer and more comfortable
    • You can reduce the amount of energy and money you use and waste to heat your home
    • Qualified installers carry out the work and will leave your home as it was found. Only warmer!