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Our smart thermostat
Want to control your home's heating and hot water from your smartphone, even when you're out and about?
You can either pay in full or four quarterly instalments for no extra cost.
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Flexible heating control, on the go.

  • Don't waste energy while you're out
  • Put the heating on ready for when you get home
  • Separate schedules for heating and hot water
What you'll get
Professional installation included – worth £80
Our qualified technician will have your new controls fitted in about an hour. You'll need to have your heating and hot water switched off while it's being fitted.
New controls for your home
You'll get a room sensor to detect and control the temperature in your home, a relay switch which turns your boiler on and off, and a gateway which connects everything up to your broadband and internet connection.
Your E.ON Touch app

What you’ll need

Full requirements

  • A gas boiler Help

    Gas boiler

    You’ll need a gas boiler no more than 20 years old as part of a mains central heating system to get the most out of E.ON Touch. If you’ve got a combi boiler, you’ll only be able to control your heating with E.ON Touch. Unfortunately it isn’t compatible with oil or wood-based units.
  • A smartphone with iOS7 or Android 4 or above Help


    Our app is only compatible with smartphones that have these versions or higher. You can check your smartphone’s settings to see what version you’re on and if a new one is available for your model
  • Home broadband Help

    Home broadband

    In order for E.ON Touch to work, you’ll need a home broadband connection, such as fibre-optic cable or ADSL. It isn’t compatible with a dial-up internet connection or ISDN lines. If you’re not sure what type of connection you’ve got you can check with your internet service provider.
  • A spare port on your broadband router and a spare plug socket near your router Click for help


    Part of the E.ON Touch hardware needs to be connected to your router via an Ethernet port (all popular broadband routers should have these, and they’re usually numbered from one to four). You’ll also need to plug your hardware into a mains plug socket to power it.
  • No current issues with your heating Help

    Current issues with your heating

    When we arrive at your home, we’ll check to make sure there are no issues with your heating system that’ll prevent us from installing E.ON Touch. If we do find anything, we’ll explain what the problem is.
  • No underfloor heating Help

    Underfloor heating

    If you’ve got underfloor heating, no matter how small, it can interfere with how E.ON Touch controls the heating in your home, so we’re currently not able to fit it if your home has any underfloor heating.
  • Not a multi zoned heating system Help

    Multi zoned heating

    E.ON Touch is currently only compatible with single heating systems, so if you’ve got more than one thermostat (for different parts of your home), we won’t be able to install it for you.
  • Not a gravity fed heating system Help

    Gravity fed heating

    If you’ve got a non-combi boiler with a separate water tank, but you’re unable to set and control your hot water separately from your heating, you may have a gravity fed system. If you’re not sure, you should check any documents you may have at home about your heating system.

How to get E.ON Touch

If you’re with us

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  • We’ll check to see if we’re able to offer you E.ON Touch
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If you’ve not joined us yet

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Ways you can pay

One-off payment

You can pay a one-off payment of £199.99 and we’ll install everything you need to get your new smart thermostat connected.

Pay in instalments

If you want to split the cost over the year there's no extra fees for doing so. We'll ask for £49.99 up-front, then take three further payments of £50 on agreed dates throughout the year.

Terms of payment and delivery

Your purchase of E.ON Touch includes professional installation. Once you buy E.ON Touch, we'll contact you within a couple of days to agree a suitable date and time for us to come round and fit your smart thermostat.

If you decide to buy E.ON Touch, but change your mind, you'll have two weeks from purchase to cancel the installation and get a full refund.

Full terms and conditions

Specifications for the room sensor

  • 81mm x 66mm x 22mm
  • 2x AA alkaline battery, 1.5V
  • Fastens to your wall
  • Sleek plastic outer casing
  • Battery life of 4-5 years
  • Range of up to 30m in normal homes
Help and support
Q: I rent my home, can I buy E.ON Touch?
A: You can have E.ON Touch installed in a rented home but as it's an upgrade to the property's heating system, you need to have permission from the homeowner first.

If you move out at a later date you won't be able to take E.ON Touch with you. You'll need to leave all the E.ON Touch controls in the property for the next occupier.
Q: Is there a warranty or guarantee period?
A: Yes. E.ON Touch comes with a warranty that the system will be free from manufacturing and workmanship faults for 12 months from the date they’re installed.

If your E.ON Touch system is or becomes faulty in the first 12 months after installation then we’ll repair or replace the necessary parts depending on the nature of the fault.

The replacement or repair will be covered by the warranty for the remaining period, up to 12 months from the original install date.
Q: Will I be able to control my heating if my internet breaks or is disconnected?
A: Your E.ON Touch system includes a room sensor. You can change the temperature using this to override any schedules and control your heating and hot water manually.

Without a home internet connection, you won’t be able to control your heating while you’re out of the house.
Q: Will you collect any data from my heating system?
A: In order to send you helpful and meaningful reports about how you use your heating and hot water, we collect data from the gateway box installed in your home. All data we collect is in line with our privacy policy and terms and conditions for E.ON Touch.
Q: What if I move into or out of a home with E.ON Touch?
A: As E.ON Touch is an update to your heating system, unfortunately you can't take it with you if you move out. You’ll need to make sure that you leave the gateway, room sensor and relay switch for the new occupier.

If you've moved into a home which already has E.ON Touch, we'll need to make sure you have everything you need to use it. Please call us on 0345 301 5316 to speak with one of our advisors. We're open Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm and Saturdays, 8am to 12pm.