Smart meters

How smart are smart meters?

The smart meter sends your meter reading directly to us, so you don’t have to. That means more accurate bills and one less thing to think about.



Smart Pay As You Go

The smarter way to pay online or by using our smartphone app, whenever it's convenient for you.



Get smart with your Smart Energy Display

Get to grips with everything your Smart Energy Display (SED) can tell you about your energy usage, so you could start making savings on your energy bills today.



Take control. With a smart meter and smart energy display you can be back in control of your energy bills.


Why smart meters?

Why are you introducing smart meters?

A government initiative has been set up to have smart meters installed in all homes and businesses by 2020. We’re keen to make sure our customers can take advantage of the benefits as soon as possible, so we’re starting early. Smart meters help you understand your energy usage and allow you to have more control over what you’re using. So hopefully you can use less energy and reduce your bills.  Your smart  meter will send us your readings automatically, so you won’t have to, which means you'll get accurate bills.

Will everyone in the UK need to have a smart meter?

The government wants every energy customer in the UK to have a smart meter installed by 2020. That’s a total of 47 million electricity and gas meters to be replaced in 27 million homes and businesses. More energy companies will start offering customers the opportunity to have them installed soon. We're starting early because we think that smart meters have lots of great benefits.

How much will it cost?

Nothing. There is no cost for having smart meters or the smart energy display installed.

Do I have to have to have a smart meter?

Smart meters are being rolled out across the UK between now and 2020 - but it’s up to you if you have one. We think they’re a really clever way to help manage your energy use and reduce your bills. They’re relatively quick to install and simple to use. All energy companies will be required to install smart meters and take reasonable steps to tell all their customers about them. Read more about the government’s smart meter plans.


How smart meters work

How do smart meters work?

Smart meters work in the same way as a normal gas or electricity meter – they're just more clever. A smart meter will talk to your smart energy display in your home to show you how much energy you’re using, and will also communicate remotely with your energy supplier so you’re billed correctly. The smart meters we’re installing at the moment communicate using GPRS technology – the same kind of technology that mobile phones use.

Will a smart meter save me money?

Not directly no, your smart energy display gives you the tools to understand more about your energy use, such as how much energy you are using now and how much you've used yesterday, last week, month and year.  By understanding what you've used you should be able to take action to reduce how much you use which can help you reduce your energy bills.

How safe is a smart meter?

The safety and wellbeing of our customers is extremely important to us, and as your energy supplier we would not install anything in your home in the knowledge that it may hurt you.  We take advice from the government on such matters and all our products conform to Health Protection Agency (HPA) standards and guidelines.

How secure is the information sent from the smart meter?

Protecting the data supplied by the smart meter is something we take very seriously.  We've been working with the UK Government and their expert advisers to develop a secure way to make sure that we keep and maintain the highest level of security. All of the systems that are used have gone through thorough security testing.  All the information from the smart meters will be sent to us securely and stored safely.  We’ll use security measures to protect your data at all times.


Getting a smart meter

When can I get a smart meter?

At the moment we’re getting in touch with a wide range of customers in different areas to install smart meters. The government expects that everyone will be offered the opportunity to have a smart meter by 2020. So we’ll be contacting you between now and then to arrange your installation.  If you want to be one of the first with a smart meter you can register your interest.

I've been told I can't have a smart meter yet. Why's this?

We're in the early days of installing smart meters, so you might be able to get one depending on where you live, the strength of the mobile phone signal in your area and a few other things.

If you're not able to have a smart meter yet, you can register your interest and as soon as we're able to install your smart meter, we'll contact you to let you know. In the meantime, take a look at our Saving Energy Toolkit for information about the energy you use and how it can help you take control of your bills.


Booking an appointment

Why do you need to know where my current meters are located?

By telling us where your meters are located, this’ll help us understand if we're able to fit a smart meter for you at the moment, as we're currently unable to install meters in certain places, such as a communal cupboard in a shared building, or an outside gas meter box if it’s in the ground.

This information will also help our technician prepare for the installation on the day of your appointment.

Why do you need to know how high my current meter is?

If your current meter is over seven feet high (roughly the height of a doorframe) we'll need to arrange a special appointment for two of our technicians to come and install your new smart meter for you.

Why do you need to know if there is anyone aged 18 or over present when you come to install my new smart meter?

We're legally required to make sure someone aged 18 or over is present at the time of the installation. If there isn't an adult presence at the time you'd like your smart meter to be installed we won't be able to fit your smart meter.

Why do you need to know where you can park when you visit to install my new smart meter?

On the day of your smart meter installation, our technician will need to park their vehicle close to your home due to the kit they need to bring with them to fit your meters. If there's no parking at your home or on the road nearby, we'll need to arrange a special appointment.


Smart meter installation

What information will I get about my installation appointment?

Once we have booked your installation appointment over the phone we’ll send you a letter confirming your appointment date. Two days before the appointment we will get in touch with you - normally via text - to remind you of the appointment. On the day of your smart meter install, the smart technician will call you to let you know they’re on their way.

How long does the installation take?

It’s about an hour for each fuel – so 2 hours if you have both fuels with us. Your electricity and gas supply will each need to be turned off for about 30 minutes. When they’ve finished, the technician will take away your old meters and can also remove and recycle any old energy displays you may be using.

Do I need to do anything in preparation for my smart meter installation?

On arrival, the technician will ask you to turn off and unplug all sensitive equipment. They’ll also need access to all gas appliances to complete a visual inspection. It’s very important they have clear access to the area around both your meters to be able to complete the installation.

What happens during the installation?

Your smart meter technician will remove and replace your existing meters with smart meters. They will also test your metering equipment, along with your electricity and gas, to make sure it’s all working properly. Then they will set up your smart energy display and show you how it works. Take a look at our online demo to see how it all happens.

How can I be sure your smart technician works for E.ON?

All of our technicians will arrive in E.ON vans and wearing the E.ON uniform. They also carry identification badges, which they can show you upon arrival at your home.

How can I cancel my smart meter installation appointment?

If you need to cancel your appointment, please give us a call on 0333 202 4864. We're open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, or Saturday 8am to 6pm.


Your energy account

Will my bill change once I get a smart meter?

Your first bill after your smart meters have been installed will look slightly different to your previous bills, as it will show you your old meter and new meter details.  The final reading for your old meter will be taken by our smart technician and your new smart meter will be billed to actual readings we've taken automatically from your meter.  All bills after this will just show your use on your smart meter.

Will my Direct Debit calculation or review change if I get a smart meter?

The way that your Direct Debit payments are calculated will not change, however having regular reads from your smart meter means that we’ll be able to calculate and review your payments more accurately. That way we can make sure the Direct Debit payments you make will better reflect your annual use.

Will my energy tariff change if I get a smart meter?

No, but in the future we’ll be introducing tariffs which will help you to make further savings with your smart meter. We’re always trying to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Check out our Best Deal For You tariffs to find out more.

Can I still manage my account online if I get a smart meter?

Yes of course.  You can still review and pay your bills online, check you're on the best deal for you, as well as taking advantage of our saving energy toolkit, which will give you hints and tips about how you can save energy.  The benefit of a smart meter is that you'll no longer need to provide us with your readings online, as these will be sent to us automatically and updated each month. Register to manage your account online.

If I change supplier, will my smart meter still work?

If you change supplier, you may lose some of the benefits of having a smart meter.  Your smart meter and energy display will still communicate with each other to show you how much energy you're using, however, it will not show the cost.  Depending on who you've switched to, your meter readings may be retrieved automatically and be used for billing, but your supplier may also need a manual meter reading - either from you or a visiting meter reader.  Also if your smart energy display becomes faulty, your new supplier may not be able to replace it.

I generate my own electricity. Will that impact how my display works?

Your display will show you information about the electricity you’re buying from us, but it won’t include the energy you’re generating yourself, from things like solar panels. In other words, your display will show you how much energy you’ll need to pay for.