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Smart meter installation

What information will I get about my installation appointment?

Once we've booked your installation appointment over the phone we’ll send you a letter confirming your appointment date. Two days before the appointment we'll get in touch with you - normally via text - to remind you of the appointment. On the day of your smart meter install, the smart technician will call you to let you know they’re on their way.

How long does the installation take?

It’s about an hour for each fuel – so 2 hours if you have both fuels with us. Your electricity and gas supply will each need to be turned off for about 30 minutes. When they’ve finished, the technician will take away your old meters and recycle them.

Do I need to do anything in preparation for my smart meter installation?

On arrival, the technician will ask you to turn off and unplug all sensitive equipment. They’ll also need access to all gas appliances to complete a visual inspection. It’s very important they have clear access to the area around both your meters to be able to complete the installation.

What happens during the installation?

Your smart meter technician will remove and replace your existing meters with smart meters. They will also test your metering equipment, along with your electricity and gas, to make sure it’s all working properly. They'll leave behind a guide explaining how to use the Smart Enhanced Toolkit, and don't forget, you've also got your online demo video!

How can I be sure your smart technician works for E.ON?

All of our technicians will arrive in E.ON vans and wearing the E.ON uniform. They also carry identification badges, which they can show you upon arrival at your home.

Your energy account

Will my bill change once I get a smart meter?

Though your bill will not look any different to your current bill, the main thing to note is that you shouldn’t get any more estimated bills. As we can remotely read your smart meter, we’ll automatically do this when your bill is due.

If I change supplier, will my smart meter still work?

Yes, your smart meter will still work. Depending on who you’ve switched to, your meter readings may be retrieved automatically and be used for billing, but the supplier may also need a manual meter reading - either from you or a visiting meter reader.

Smart meter safety

How safe is a smart meter?

Very safe. Like all our products, our smart meters conform to Health Protection Agency (HPA) standards and guidelines (opens in new window).

How secure is the information sent from the smart meter?

Protecting the data supplied by the smart meter is something we take very seriously. We’re advised by top data security experts Detica (opens in new window) to make sure we maintain the highest level of security. The government is finalising the data security standards for smart meters and we’re fully committed to meeting them.

Smart Energy Display

Will I get a Smart Energy Display (SED)?

Instead of the benefits of Smart Enhanced, you could choose to have a Smart Energy Display (SED) instead. The SED would sit in your home and show you how much electricity you’re using in real time.

With Smart Enhanced, you can see what you’ve been using over a whole month (or year, if you’ve been signed up to save all that data!). An SED is different, it shows you what you’re using in real time on an at-a-glance display. You can’t compare your usage or see a history of your use.

You can choose either Smart Enhanced or the Smart Energy Display – the choice is yours. Just let us know when you call.