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* To get Smart Pay As You go, you’ll need a free compatible smart meter installed.

** Excluding collective switches.

*** Compared to paying on receipt of your bill or via a prepayment meter.

Terms, conditions and eligibility

Smart metering is a relatively new technology – as such, you might not be able to get Smart Pay As You Go yet.

We're currently installing Smart Pay As You Go meters in certain property types and where your current meter is easy to reach. There are also certain meters that we can’t exchange at the moment, for example mixed meter types (if you've got one prepayment and one credit meter), E18, Heatwise, if you're on a Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) or you've got a Green Deal finance plan.

If you want Smart Pay As You Go, we’ll need to supply electricity to your home. If we supply both gas and electricity for you, we’ll look to switch both your meters to Smart Pay As You Go. You'll also need to ensure you've not got any debt on your account.

If you're unable to have Smart Pay As You Go, you'll be able to register your interest and we'll let you know when you're able to get it.