Eligible Suppliers

Requesting trading agreements.

Information for Eligible Suppliers

E.ON Global Commodities is the expert interface between E.ON Group companies and the European and global wholesale energy markets.  For the UK wholesale energy market we seek to enter trading agreements for the trading of standard products of 5 MW and greater.  We also provide Eligible Suppliers, as currently listed on the Ofgem website, a Market Access Service. We are not seeking to trade products below 5MW, other than with Eligible Suppliers

For the purposes of making a written request for an Eligible Supplier Trading Agreement please email [email protected]

We will acknowledge such a request within 2 business days after receipt.

If you require more information on making a Request for an Eligible Supplier Trading Agreement, please also contact [email protected]

What should I include with my application?

We ask that with any request for an Eligible Supplier Trading Agreement you include the following information, all of which is required to form a complete request;

  • the current commercial register excerpt or, where relevant, the certificate of incorporation
  • latest financials of customer / ultimate holding, as the case may be
  • VAT ID
  • tax exemption certificates, if any
  • details of the customer’s corporate group structure and information on ultimate shareholders with an equity stake in excess of 10%
  • scheduling codes
  • evidence of the signatory authority of the customer’s signatories including their specimen signatures
  • Minimum of two years audited financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statement, if prepared).
  • Assessment of company’s outlook (including cash flow forecasts if available)
  • Overview of committed funding lines and access to short term liquidity

We will send a written response to you within 20 business days of receipt of a complete request. Our response will include either:

i.      an offer to enter into an Eligible Supplier Trading Agreement with you, which will also include all the terms and conditions of the agreement and related credit support;


ii.     an explanation of the reasons why we have determined that we are unable to offer an Eligible Supplier Trading Agreement to you.