Spread the cost of your solar panels

You can get a solar panel system installed in your home from £121 per month with our interest-free finance options over 36 months1. We are a credit broker, not a lender. 

Solar installation update

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, we've adapted our approach to installing solar PV panels and batteries to ensure we keep everyone as safe as possible. We can do technical surveys remotely via video call and any home visit will include full protective measures to keep you and our installers safe. For more information, visit our installation page.

Exclusive SEG tariff

As an energy supplier we can offer our solar panel customers an exclusive Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariff that pays you for the energy you export back to the grid. 

You're in safe hands

All our work is backed by HIES, the Home Insulation and Energy Systems insurance backed guarantee and all our installation teams are fully MCS accredited.

Your future energy home

E.ON Solar panel customers will receive access to our exclusive, award winning E.ON Home app. View and control the energy flow around your home.

Are solar panels right for me?

Powering your home with solar energy is the world's fastest growing renewable energy solution and could see savings of up to £534 a year2 on your electricity bills by installing solar panels and battery storage. If you combine this with our Home Exclusive Energy tariff you can see savings of £874 per year3.

Having solar panels on your roof allows you to become more independent from the National Grid, reduce your home's impact on the environment and have greater control over how and when your energy is used. 

With the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) you can also earn money back for exporting excess solar energy generated by your solar panel system into the grid.

We have three solar packages which can be tailored to meet the requirements of your home. Having one of these packages installed at your home could save as much as £25,860 over 25 years4.

Costs less than you think

Did you know you can get a solar panel system from just £4,324? We have a choice of finance options available1

A greener tomorrow

Generating your own solar power reduces your carbon footprint and the amount of fossil fuels used to power your home. 

Greater independence

Generating your own energy gives you more independence. You can also get paid for any excess you export back to the Grid.

Store excess energy

Starting from £2,574, a battery allows you to store up excess energy generated in the day to use at night, helping you to save.

Our solar panel packages


Our Energise package

Solar panels fitted onto your roof with excellent performance at our lowest price. If you have no shading on your roof this package is for you. A typical 8 panel (2.6kW) system costs £4,324. 


Our Optimise package

Solar panels fitted onto your roof that utilise industry leading Solar Edge technology and is perfect if your roof has any shading from trees or chimneys. A typical 8 panel (2.6kW) system costs £5,002.


Our Enhance package

A sleek looking upgrade to our Energise and Optimise packages. These are solar panels that are fitted into your roof supplied by a company called Viridian. A typical 8 panel (2.6kW) system costs £6,935.

Exclusive tariff for solar

When you buy solar panels from us, you'll get access to our exclusive 12 month Home Exclusive dual fuel energy tariff which:

  • Is discounted by 20% compared to our fix online tariff – whether you’re an existing customer or not
  • Is backed by 100% renewable sources5
  • Includes a free “Go Green” upgrade where we'll plant five trees on your behalf in the Amazon rainforest
  • Includes online account management and easy payment with a fixed monthly Direct Debit
  • Is available to sign up to within 30 days after your solar purchase.

If you're still unsure, visit our tariffs page to see the other tariffs we have available.

Appointments to suit you

Our team of experts are ready to help advise you on getting the perfect solar panel package to match your home and budget. Complete our callback form and we'll be in touch to start you on your solar journey. We're now also able to offer appointments by video-calls, making your solar panel journey as convenient for you as we can. 

More reasons to go solar

Making the choice to power your home with solar energy can be a big decision. We've shared stories on a range of solar topics from myth busting - to help you separate the truth from the fiction, to how solar panels work - giving you a first-hand look at solar power in action.

Read our blogs to discover more about solar power and how it could help us move towards a cleaner energy future.

Frequently asked questions

There are many questions you may have before having a solar panel system in your home. 

If the answers you seek aren't below, our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions you might have6.

How do we install your solar panels?

Want to know what happens when we install solar panels on your roof? We have an expert installation team to help you transition to solar with ease.

Is it sunny enough to have solar panels in the UK?

Despite the UK's reputation we actually get more than enough solar energy to make solar panels for your home a good investment, even on cloudy days.

In fact, the UK receives a similar amount of solar energy as some of the warmer European countries, and the same as Germany, one of the world leading generators of solar power.

Why add a battery to my solar panel system?

Adding a battery to your package allows you to store energy generated during the day to use when you wish, making your home more self-sufficient and saving you money. You can add a battery to your package for just £2,574.

How much energy can I generate from solar panels?

A 12-panel solar system could generate enough energy in a year to power a Tesla EV for 17,660 miles of emission-free driving or enable an A++ dishwasher to complete 4,465 loads in that time7

Do I need to get planning permission for solar panels?

Adding solar panels to your home is classed as a "Permitted Development" and therefore, standard solar panel installations do not require planning permission. 

Planning permission should be obtained if your home is a listed building, world heritage site or the installation does not meet standard guidelines. 

Is my roof suitable for solar panels?

Whether your roof faces south, east or west your home is perfect to have solar panels fitted. North facing roofs will not receive as much sunlight and therefore won't be as efficient. 

The pitch of your roof should be between 10o - 60o.

Which is the right solar panel for me?

At E.ON, we offer both on-roof and in-roof solar panels. Our on-roof solar panels are black and fit on top of your roof tiles and have black frames, rather than the standard silver, to ensure the most amount of the sun's energy is soaked up as possible and your roof looks great.

The in-roof panels replace the roof tiles so they sit flush and give a modern and sleek look to your home. 

You can find out more about these solar panels and the packages we offer on our solar panels page.

Get in touch

Call us today to get more information about solar and battery storage.  You can also complete our online form to book an appointment with one of our experts.

Home Exclusive Tariff Offer Terms & Conditions

The legal stuff

1. E.ON Energy Installation Services Limited are a credit broker working exclusively with the lender Creation Consumer Finance Ltd. Credit subject to status, terms and conditions apply and can be found at eonenergy.com/solar-panels. E.ON reserves the right to amend its finance offering at any time and may withdraw at short notice. E.ON Energy Installation Services Limited is registered in England and Wales under company number 09965944 with its registered office at Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry, CV4 8LG. E.ON Energy Installation Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to credit broking services under number 750410.  

2. These are example figures only. Savings are based on a south-facing property in central England with a 40-degree roof tilt and no shading, with electricity consumption of 4,900 kWh. Saving assumes fitting 14 x 325W panels and a 10.4 kWh battery and an electricity cost of 17.812p/kWh.

3. Energy bill savings are based upon a customer with electricity consumption of 4,900kWh and Gas consumption of 17,000kWh moving from E.ON Standard Variable tariff to the Home Exclusive Energy tariff. Prices correct as at 28th July 2020.

4. These are example figures only. Savings are based on a south-facing mid terrace property in central England with a 40-degree roof tilt and no shading, with electricity consumption of 4,900 kWh. Saving assumes fitting 14 x 350W panels, 49kWp total rated power using energy mostly during the day and an electricity cost of 17.812p/kWh. If prices rise by 5.0% year on year. 

5. Electricity sourced from E.ON’s renewable generation assets, supply agreements with independent UK wind generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to your homes comes from the National Grid. Find out more at eonenergy.com/renewable.

6. Our team will be able to answer your calls between 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Don’t forget, call from mobiles and landlines to 03 numbers are charged at your local rate, unless they’re included in your call package then they’re free.

7. Based upon MCS tables for Brighton region with 1,132 kWh/kW at 40° inclination showing a 12 x 325W (3.9kW) system will generate 4415kWh/year, with an A++ dishwasher using 265 kWh per year. EV performance figures based upon the combined energy consumption of a Tesla Model 3 at about 265wh per mile.