Building and energy management

Manage your business energy across your sites to make your buildings smarter and more efficient, and comfortable for your employees or customers.

Making the most of your energy systems

From our flexible usage solutions to our energy efficiency consultancy, our services help you better understand your energy use. That way, you can improve your efficiency and profit from your flexibility.

Create the right environment

Increase productivity and comfort by maintaining a steady temperature through our HVAC and lighting solutions.

Automate processes

Use our Building Management System to control your energy-consuming devices, allowing us to analyse and improve your energy performance.

Collect and visualise data

Get a holistic view of your overall energy consumption, how it’s consumed, where it’s performing best, and how it’s affecting the environment.

Leading industry knowledge and 24/7 advice

We manage energy generation for businesses across the country. Whatever size your site, our solutions are tailored to your business needs. We provide an end-to-end service, combining expert advice with technical support.

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