Energy Plans for your business

We offer a range of energy plans and contracts to suit you, whatever your business needs. Eligible small businesses can now receive 100% renewable-backed electricity as standard.

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Plan your energy future

We're one of the UK's leading providers in energy efficiency. Our solutions are tailored to tackle your specific energy challenges with more than 10,000 businesses already trusting us to provide them with more efficient and future-focused thinking.

We are now offering 100% renewable-backed electricity to eligible small businesses sourced from E.ON’s renewable generation assets, supply agreements with independent UK wind generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates.

100% Renewable Electricity

Eligible small business customers can now get 100% renewables-backed electricity as standard.

To get an energy quote call 0333 202 4654*

Energy plans

Do you spend less than £175,000 or use less than 1GWh of gas or electricity a year? With one of our fixed business energy plans, you can control your budgeting and forecasting with confidence.

Energy contracts

If you spend more than £175,000 or use more than 1GWh of gas or electricity a year, we can help you with changes in market prices, reduce risk and help you become more sustainable.

Smart meters

Spend more time managing your business rather than your energy use. Our smart meters automatically submit your meter readings each month, wirelessly and free of charge.

Our gas and electricity products

Every business is unique. We'll work with you to understand the specific energy challenges that you face and find a reliable, efficient gas and electricity solution that works best for you.

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