Ultra-fast electric vehicle charging

A quick guide

Keeping you on the move

We’re building a network of Ultra Fast Charging (UFC) stations across the UK. Having already built more than 3,000 charging points across Europe.

With our 175kW ultra-fast charging points, you could charge your electric car with a 100 mile range in as little as 10 minutes*.

Plug in and go

Lift the charge point cable from the holder and connect to the charging socket on your vehicle. Select the socket type from the selection shown on the charge point touch screen.


Select payment method

There are 4 easy ways to pay:

  • Contactless / smartphone payment

    Follow the instructions on the charge point touch screen and hold your contactless credit or debit card or smartphone against the payment terminal at the top of the reader.

    We also support payment by Apple Pay or Google Pay.

  • E.ON RFID card or tag

    Place your E.ON RFID card or tag against the reader to start. You must ensure your card is placed at the bottom of the reader and not on the contactless card reader at the top.  – the cost will be taken from your account balance on the E.ON Drive App.


  • Pay As You Go:

    Go to eonevpay.co.uk and enter the unique location code shown on the charge point – this is also shown on the map in the E.ON Drive App . Enter your credit card details and follow the online instructions.


  • E.ON Drive App

    In the app, select the charge point from the map and you’ll see a list of socket types, choose the socket type that fits your vehicle and swipe to start charging. 

Want to download the E.ON Drive app?

If you don’t currently use the E.ON Drive App but would like to, you can download it here for Apple or Android. The app also has a handy map that shows you where all our charge points are.


Stop charging

  • Contactless or smartphone

    To stop charging push the stop button on the touch screen; this will release the cable and allow you to disconnect it from your vehicle. 

  • E.ON RFID card or tag

    Hold your E.ON RFID card against the reader again to release the charging cable.

  • Pay As You Go

    Click stop charging on the webpage. This will also release the charging cable and allow you to disconnect it from your vehicle.

  • E.ON Drive App

    Swipe end charge shown at the bottom of your mobile device screen. Alternatively, disconnecting the cable from the car will stop the charging session. Return the charging cable to the holder.


Charging safely

• Always make sure that you follow your vehicle manufacturer’s charging instructions.

• To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not use the charge point if either the cable or the charge point appears damaged in any way. 

Get in touch

E.ON Drive Team

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*More about Ultra Fast Charging speed

The ultra-fast charging speed of  10 min for 160 miles is an indicative value and depends on battery capacity, car model and how much energy is left in the battery. Please refer to your vehicle handbook for further details.

Frequently asked questions

What type of connectors can be used, and will there be one supplied with the charge points?

Our UFC stations support CHAdeMO and CCS connectors, tethered cables are provided. If you have a Type 2 connector, please visit eondrive.co.uk/map to find the nearest Type 2 charger. If you are unsure which connector is suitable for the vehicle you are charging, please refer to your vehicle manufacturers user guide. 

Can charge points be reserved through the E.ON Drive App?

No, this feature isn’t currently available, but we’ll let you know when it is.

How can I find an E.ON Drive charge point?


By downloading the map on the E.ON Drive app using either Google Play or the Apple App Store or search in your web browser using eondrive.co.uk/map


How fast are your Ultra-Fast Charging (UFC) stations and how long does it take to charge a vehicle?


Our UFC stations can deliver up to 175 kW of power. The power of our charge point supply will depend on the type of vehicle and the current demand on the electricity grid. Vehicle charging times vary depending on the speed of the charge point, the charging unit on the vehicle and how much energy there is left in the battery. Please refer to your vehicle handbook for further details. 


How can I find out how much it costs to charge a vehicle?

The price per kWh will be displayed on the charge point touch screen. If you want to plan your stop, you’ll find the price in kWh by each charge point location on the charge point map in the E.ON Drive App.

When you’ve finished charging we’ll send an email to your registered email address to confirm how much we’ve charged to your account.

If you’ve chosen to pay using Pay As You Go using the website eonevpay.co.uk, the cost per kWh will be shown before you enter your payment details and you’ll get an email to confirm how much we’ve charged to your account when you finish charging.

When you pay using a contactless debit or credit card, the cost per kWh will be shown on the charge point. When you finish charging the total amount to be charged to your card will be on the charge point display screen.


What should I do if a UFC station doesn’t work?

If you are a registered E.ON Drive customer, check that you have enough funds in your account to cover the cost of charging your vehicle. If this has not resolved the issue, please call us on 0333 202 4417.

Why does the reader pre-authorise my contactless card for £30?

When using contactless payment, the terminal will preauthorise your card for £30 (it will also show this on the display) – a bit like pay at the pump at the petrol station. So the user might see a higher transaction value on the payment terminal. We hold this amount during the transaction and refund the difference after the transaction has been completed.

A UFC station is broken, who do I contact?

Please call us on 0333 202 4417. We’ll be happy to help you.