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Business energy solutions

We have a range of energy solutions, 

designed to suit your business.

More than just an energy supplier

We can make sure that your business is ready in this changing energy world.

Innovative and tailored energy saving solutions

Our range of energy solutions can help you use energy more efficiently, and make your business more profitable. 

Buildings that think for themselves

We can help you integrate and manage your lighting, cooling, heating, process steam and electricity needs.

Charging solutions for electric vehicles

We can make sure that your business is ready with innovative charging solutions. 

Keeping your energy costs low

Flexible energy buying for large energy demands

Flexible, market-driven purchasing

Renewable guaranteed energy

Wholesale buying

Fixed term contract for up to 5 years

More ways to buy energy 

Find out about gas and electricity offers

See our 1, 2 or 3 year fixed term tariffs


Free online energy saving tools





Who we have worked with

We work with a diverse range of large energy users, from factories and farms, to football stadiums and luxury hotels.

See our customer case studies

We have a team of experts on hand to help, 

so find out more about 

solutions for your business now.