Your legal and environmental responsibilities

As a business energy user, there are certain things you may have to do and legal obligations you may have to meet. These are to do with the Climate Change Levy, Carbon Reduction Commitment, Infrastructure, Gas Supply Emergencies and other legislation.

If your business uses 33kWh power / 145kWh of gas a day, you may have to pay the Climate Change Levy energy tax.

If you are a Half-Hourly power customer, and consume a certain amount of energy, you must be registered with the CRC Energy Efficiency scheme and buy an allowance for every tonne of CO2 your business emits every year.

You must have the right meters, cables and pipework capacity to match your energy consumption and comply with relevant rules and regulations. More information can be found on our infrastructure page.

You must provide us with a contact in case of a Gas Supply Emergency.

Other legislation which may impact your business includes Feed in Tariffs (FiT), Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and more.