How we calculate your annual consumption

The annual consumption figure on your Statement of Renewal Terms is our estimation of the amount of energy you use in a year.

We use all of the meter readings we’ve had in the last 12 months to understand your monthly consumption. We then add all of these monthly values together to give an annual view of your energy use.

If we don't have any meter readings for the last 12 months we use older readings, but we understand that your consumption may change over time. To make our calculation as accurate as possible, we'll need you to send us your up to date readings.

If you've been in your premises for less than a year, we'll have to use the previous occupiers' consumption data. We know that different businesses use energy in different ways so to get the most accurate view of your annual consumption, we'll need you to send us your up to date readings.

Un-metered and half-hourly metered customers.

For any businesses with an Un-Metered Supply (UMS), then we'll use the consumption information from your UMS certificate.

If you've a half hourly meter installed, we base your annual consumption on the half hourly data we have for your premises. Where we haven't received a full 12 months of your data, we use your current data to estimate a full year's use.

To give your up to date readings, or if there's anything else, please call us on 02476 42 42 42 or contact your Account Manager.

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