• More than just an energy supplier

    We provide a range of additional energy solutions that can help you use energy more efficiently and make your business more profitable. 

Generate more

  • Engineer on a CHP site - E.ON

    Combined Heat and Power

    Our Combined Heat and Power plants offer several advantages over conventional production methods: they are more cost effective, more reliable and reduce emissions. 

  • Diagram of solar panels on a building roof - E.ON

    Solar PhotoVoltaic

    Solar PV panels are easy to install, very friendly to the environment and a guaranteed way of reducing costs. They even work on cloudy days. 



  • Man working in plant deck of ACC - E.ON

    Flexibility and Demand Side Response

    By connecting to E.ON’s Virtual Power Plant platform, businesses can either reduce their charges or earn money from the grid by optimising their spare capacity or demand flexibility.

Be more efficient

  • Bottle factory - E.ON

    Integrated Energy Solutions

    We can help you integrate and manage your lighting, cooling, heating, process steam and electricity needs, and create new highly efficient generation plants or systems. We’ve saved customers between 20% and 40% of their energy costs over the last 10 years.

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    Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme

    If you’ve had an ESOS audit done (even if not by us) we can help you plan and implement its energy efficiency recommendations. We can provide free advice on which recommendations to prioritise, developed in partnership with the Carbon Trust..

  • Office - E.ON


    We offer a complete lighting solution that could reduce lighting costs substantially. The right lighting could improve staff well-being and productivity and transform customer spaces. 

Monitor and manage

  • Woman looking at the Energy Toolkit on her screen - E.ON

    Energy Toolkit

    Our Energy Toolkit helps you monitor, analyse and manage how much energy your business uses, putting you in control.

  • Engineer looking at a meter - E.ON

    Half Hourly Metering Service

    Our half-hourly meters for businesses give much more reliable energy data. This means you can plan more accurately and identify where you could save money.

  • Engineer monitoring equipment - E.ON

    Building Energy Management Systems

    BEMS create detailed feedback on how your building is performing. This helps you work towards lower running costs, improved comfort and more efficient maintenance. 

Connect better

  • Engineer checking a business meter - E.ON

    New metering

    If you're planning to grow your business, we offer meter installations and supply contracts tailored to your needs. 




  • Man in trench laying pipes - E.ON

    Infrastructure and connections

    Are you planning new construction projects to grow your business? We’ll ensure you have the right infrastructure in place to expand efficiently.


  • BSW Timber

    E.ON Portfolio Solution (EPS)

    The EPS helps customers to reduce their exposure to energy price volatility and take advantage of purchasing energy from the wholesale market.

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  • Ultra-low emission vehicle charging

    Tailor-made solutions for charging electric cars. E.ON takes care of installation, service and administration.

  • crowd scene at a concert - E.ON
  • The right energy for The ACC Liverpool Group

    We worked with The ACC Liverpool Group venues to introduce a range of innovative energy saving solutions, and the impact was dramatic.