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Helping to fight dementia

With our charity partner Alzheimer's Society

Who are Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer’s Society is the UK's leading dementia support and research charity, there for anyone affected by any form of dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Dementia can happen to anyone and at the moment there's no cure.

In the UK alone, the number of people living with dementia is set to increase to over a million by 2021 and over two million by 2050, so it’s never been more timely to take action. The partnership between E.ON and Alzheimer’s Society will continue until the end of 2020.

Dementia Friends

What we've been up to

Whether it’s dressing up, climbing mountains, baking goodies or bungee jumping, our colleagues have been doing their bit to help raise funds to pay for Dementia Support Workers.

The funds that we have raised have helped pay for Alzheimer’s Society dementia support workers providing support to thousands of people affected by dementia across the UK. These dedicated professionals help people who have been diagnosed with dementia to take control of their lives, and make sense of what is happening to them. This can include explaining how dementia progresses, and providing practical advice on things like getting financial affairs in order and claiming benefits.

Unite against dementia

Climbing mountains

In late September 2018, 40 of our colleagues climbed Mount Snowdon - at night. The 9 mile trek proved to be a gruelling challenge and the weather certainly didn’t help, with high winds and horizontal rain at the summit  -and on the way down! Our colleagues managed to raise £27,000 through their fundraising efforts

Snowdon night walk

Dementia Friends

We want to help create communities that are inclusive and tolerant of people living with dementia.

'Dementia Friends' is a social action movement that aims to increase people’s understanding of the disease, and inspire them to support people affected by dementia in the community. Nationally, over 2 million people have already taken part, with a target to reach 4 million by 2020. So, working closely with Alzheimer’s Society, we are pleased to support this initiative.

We're delighted that we already have nearly 4,900 Dementia Friends in the business and aim to offer all colleagues a chance to take part before the end of the partnership.

Become a Friend
Dementia friend

Making energy easier

People with dementia are particularly vulnerable to problems related to energy use and managing their energy.

To better understand the challenges, we funded the Switch on to Dementia report and supported the creation of the dementia friendly utilities guide – research and recommendations on how energy companies can help people with dementia and their carers.

The government is also taking dementia seriously, recently outlining plans to establish a set of minimum standards that customers with dementia should expect to receive across different sectors.

Couple in garden

Join the fight

There are many ways you can help the fight against dementia. From raising awareness, to joining events and organising some fundraising yourself.

So head over to Alzheimer Society's website to see what's happening in your area, and to get some great ideas on fundraising and support. 

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