E.ON Energising Communities Fund

The Energising Communities Fund forms part of our commitment to helping communities better manage their energy consumption.

Local community centres that need to improve their energy efficiency and schools or charities looking to add a spark to the area through energy education, can all apply for funding.

Applications for the E.ON Energising Communities Fund can be submitted for a range of energy related improvements and activities, from appliances and insulation to educational events. Priority will be given to projects focused on reducing energy use and renewable energy.

Successful projects will receive anything from £50 up to £2,000 from E.ON to power their plans for a more efficient future.

The Energising Communities Fund is now open for applications. The closing date is Monday 29th January 2018 at midnight.

Apply by filling in our online fund application form.

Read the guidelines below to help you with your application. 

If you have a query relating to a previously submitted application please contact The Trust Partnership on 01285 841916 or via e-mail at eon@thetrustpartnership.com