Our Diverse Culture

Great people come in every variety.
Just be yourself. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Diverse_cultureMillions of people get their gas and electricity from E.ON at home and at work. That makes us one of the UK's top energy companies. And since our customers come from every walk of life, we think our employees should too.   

For one thing, we want to relate to our customers, so we can meet their needs and earn their trust. And it's a competitive, changing world, so we need the best possible talent to drive us forward - from all qualified candidates, not just some.

But we don't embrace diversity just to gain a commercial advantage, or comply with legislation - though these things matter a lot. We do it because, quite simply, we believe that treating people fairly and respectfully is the right thing to do.   

Proof is in the pudding

We hope our actions speak even louder than words. For one thing, 41% of E.ON UK employees are female, and 40% of our graduate intake. It's not quite 50/50 yet - we're still working on it. But in an industry that's been heavily male-dominated, we think that's saying something.

We've also gained 'Clear Assured' status, as a result of our hard work in relation to recruiting disabled people. When hiring, we work hard to attract the widest candidate pool, and make the process completely fair. If we need to make a few adjustments, we will. And when it comes down to an offer, we hire the best person. Full stop. Or if flexible working is a concern, we might hire the best two people - they can share the job.

Long-term fulfilment is just as important. We want everyone who works here to feel valued, fairly treated, and confident that E.ON is right for them. This means giving people the freedom to be themselves, and reach their unique potential without barriers (real or perceived). So we provide mentors to support progress - and lend an ear if any issues crop up. 

Diversity is in our DNA

It's vital to create the right culture - one where everyone feels welcome. From the highest levels, championing diversity is a top priority. All HR staff and management attend regular diversity awareness workshops, so our leaders can act as role models. 

Importantly, we have networking and support groups that are as diverse as the groups they cater for- from the LGBT Network, to the Dyslexia Community Group, to religious (or non-religious) groups, the Carers Network and many more. We've also set up a Diversity Leadership Group, made up of key stakeholders in different business areas, to make sure we are on track. 

Above all, we have absolutely zero tolerance for any kind of bullying, harassment or discrimination. That's really important to us.

Our diversity dream team

We don't live in a perfect world - there's always room to improve. But we've set our goals pretty high. To help us, we work closely with these experts and others:

  • The Clear Company. We're proud to have 'Clear Assured' status - proving our commitment to removing barriers from recruitment policies, processes and practices which have the potential to exclude disabled people. 
  • AbilityNet. They're helping to make our careers website more disability-friendly. 
  • Stonewall. In 2011, we achieved a 'great result' on their equality index (their words). 
  • UKRC. An organisation promoting gender equality in science, engineering and technology. With their support, we've increased female apprentices by 10x in a year. 
  • WISE [Women in Science and Engineering]. They're helping us to attract more female engineering graduates. Last year, one of ours won Engineer of the Year. 
  • Working Families. We don't want parents to feel disadvantaged when juggling career and family priorities. 
  • Employers for Carers. We worked with them recently on National Carer's Week. 
  • The Dyslexia Association. They've helped us to make the right adjustments. We pay for screening tests and diagnostic assessments, if needed, and support National Dyslexia Week every year.

Our top advisors: our own people

By far, we get the best advice from our employees. How? We ask them. All of them.

We actively check in to see how we're doing, through company-wide surveys and other feedback forums. We don't mean a simple tick on a box. We ask about their personal experiences - how does it feel here? What's working, and what isn't? Most importantly, what can we do to help?

We take the results incredibly seriously. They feed straight into our development strategy and policies. And if necessary, we make changes.

We want everyone with ambition and talent to succeed. And when we say everyone, we mean it.

Here, we've asked a few employees to share their insights.