The Job Crowd

Top Graduate Company to Work For (2013/14)

E.ON has been named one of ‘The Top Graduate Companies To Work For’ by a popular graduate website.  Described as a TripAdvisor for jobs, TheJobCrowd site hosts thousands of anonymous reviews written by graduate employees at various companies. The site then compiles a rankings list based on the strength of these reviews. 

2013/14 was a particularly good year for us. As well as being named one of the ‘Top Graduate Companies To Work For’, we also secured a high ranking in our own specialist sector list, ‘Top Energy & Support Services Companies To Work For’.
 “Our review writers rave about the ability they are given to ‘steer their own careers’,” says TheJobCrowd in its profile of E.ON. “Graduates feel that the opportunities both internationally and nationally within the company are ‘endless’.... They also feel that they get ‘fantastic networking opportunities’ including meetings with the Board during induction and working on ‘high profile projects with senior stakeholders’.

“All placements are designed to ensure they are commercially valuable roles which add real business value so it is no surprise that graduates report that they have ‘real jobs’ with ‘real responsibility from the start’. There is a clear structure and direction across all schemes and graduates are given the opportunity ‘to work on individual tasks and put a personal stamp on pieces of work’.
“E.ON provides ‘significant amounts of training’ and helps their graduates to gain professional qualifications relevant to their job. Overall, graduates at E.ON report feeling ‘appreciated’ and ‘part of the company’ as well as having a genuine sense of ‘recognition for a job well done’.”