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A Day in the Life of …

Adam Singleton – Highways Lighting Apprentice

6.45am My sleep ends abruptly at the sound of my alarm clock.  I head straight to the shower to help wake me up.

7.15am Downstairs I eat my breakfast of toast and cereal. As I tidy up my two younger brothers get up, interrupting my thought process and ending the peace and quiet.  I make a swift exit for work.

7.40am I arrive in Burton-on-Trent after a relatively short car journey and get changed into suitable protective clothing ready for work. I make myself a coffee and catch up with my colleagues.

8am – Now that I am fully prepared, it’s time to begin work.  First I check what jobs have been planned for the day and consider which tasks will be involved with the job. I then head towards the stores to start gathering all the materials required for the day‘s jobs, loading them on to the lorry. Just before leaving, I do perhaps the most important thing of all - filling up my flask for the journey ahead.

9am We arrive at the job and I immediately carry out the risk assessment, identifying if there are any potential hazards in the area that could affect the job.  Then, for road safety reasons, I set up the traffic management, directing traffic where necessary and using barriers to create a safe environment for us and the public.

11am The job is going well, we find the passing low voltage main, which is the electricity cable supplied by the distribution network.  Next we dig it out ready to do a breach joint which consists of connecting the streetlight cable in order to provide power to the streetlight.  After all our efforts we stop for a quick coffee break.

12pm – After some initial struggle we finish excavating the column hole and erect the lamppost, ready to connect it up to the mains power supply. This seems like a good stopping point for dinner. I would normally have a packed lunch, but today’s job is close to a commercial area, so I can’t resist going to the local chip shop.

12.30pm Back to work and I observe a colleague working on the joint hole – the starting point for the breach joint. I help by preparing the joint shell and making a service cable to connect the breach joint onto.

2pm With the joint finished the next job is to pour resin into the joint shell to strengthen it.  We wait several minutes for the resin to set then backfill the hole with sand and finish the job by placing a layer of tarmac on top.

2.30pm Finished. All that remains for me to do is to collect the signs and barriers used for the traffic control and load them onto the lorry.  During this time my colleagues finish off testing the voltage and polarity of the streetlamp, and fill out the paperwork. When everything is finished and we are completely satisfied with our work, we set off back to the yard to unload the waste materials from today’s job.

3.30pm We arrive back at the yard after briefly being delayed by traffic, slowing our journey. At the yard we unload the leftover spoil into the general waste skip. Then to finish the day off we reverse the lorry into the shed and lock up for the night, ready for the tasks of the next day.

4pm – The working day is over.  I decide to go to the local gym before heading home.

6pm Back at home I prepare dinner in order to keep my energy levels high for whatever my next day’s work may involve. During the evening I entertain myself and mostly relax, so that I’m thoroughly prepared and well rested for the work ahead.