International Business Management Graduate Scheme

I chose this scheme because I was really attracted to the international dimension. Although I studied in England, I’m someone who grew up in Hong Kong, so I have a very cosmopolitan outlook. 
I love discovering how different cultures operate – their ways of working – and that’s precisely what this scheme offered me. E.ON also appealed to me because they’re a global company with ambitious growth plans.
It’s fair to say this scheme has more than lived up to my expectations. I’ve already had two international placements: one in Sweden, the other in Germany. The Swedish placement was based in Malmo and saw me working on business development for onshore wind. Over the course of six months, I learned an immense amount about our renewable energy business and how it’s evolving.
The German assignment came about by happy accident. They team in Essen needed someone who could speak Mandarin (which I do) so I found myself doing a three-month placement there. Travelling to Germany to speak Chinese – it was an experience that underlined just how much of a global business we are. 
As well as on-the-job learning, the formal training I’ve received here has been fantastic. I’ve had training away days with the rest of the people in my scheme. The company has also given me cultural training in Germany and an introductory course in the energy markets.  I’m also well on the way to getting my APM project management qualification.