Exploration and Production

Source a better energy future 
£40,000 starting salary (£42k with relevant PhD)
Or a competitive package in the Norwegian market
 + £1,500 welcome bonus
UK (mainly London and Aberdeen) or Norway (Stavanger)
International and/or offshore placement

Working with our Exploration and Production (E&P) team, you'll get to help us find new resources in the North Sea and beyond. It's an exciting venture filled with talented people. And it's got huge potential - for both you and us. 

This is your chance to work on global projects. You’ll work alongside experts across the globe to  prepare  you for any challenge the industry can throw at you. The scheme, which lasts two years, is slightly different for each graduate – it all depends on your background, interests and training needs.  In all cases you will benefit from industry recognised technical training as well as support in developing your interpersonal and business skills.

E.ON E&P is a company focused on finding new resources in the UK and Norway, as well as globally. In the UK, we have offices in London, Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth, and in Norway we have an office in Stavanger.  We have assets throughout the North Sea, both UK and Norwegian sectors, and interests in key pipeline infrastructure.   In other words, we've got everything we need, except you.

What you'll need to bring

You'll need at least a Master's degree (or equivalent) in a relevant engineering or science subject. You love to take initiative and have a real passion for tackling energy issues. We'll also appreciate top notch problem solving skills and the willingness to work internationally.

Below are the roles that are offered within this scheme.

Drilling Engineer

This role has now closed and we are no longer seeking candidates. Thanks for your interest.


We'll give you all the professional and industry-wide technical training you need to be a leading expert in this field. Initially based in London or Stavanger, you'll spend your time developing your knowledge and understanding of exploration, field development, production and business.

Working alongside fellow geologists and geophysicists, you'll also have the chance to work internationally at one of our other operating units or offshore. This is your chance to broaden your skills and apply your theoretical understanding of this specialist field at a practical level.

You're expecting a Masters level degree or PhD in Geology, Geophysics or a relevant discipline, and you're keen to work abroad as you develop your career. This is matched by your fluency in English and cultural sensitivity. You can apply your theoretical knowledge in practical situations, and have a resourceful and independent approach. 

Process Engineer

You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of  Offshore Engineering to support our operations. Placements at our UK offices, internationally and potentially offshore on one of our platforms will give you the skills you need to succeed in this specialist engineering field.

You can expect to work with engineering experts and to  expand your technical knowledge in a practical setting as you move towards Chartership and broaden your  project delivery skills in  areas such as cost control, managing change, safety and integrity management as well as engineering.

To join us in this role, you should have or be working toward at least a Masters level degree in Chemical Engineering and be keen to travel overseas to develop your skills. You'll need to be fluent in English and culturally sensitive . If you can also apply your theoretical knowledge in a practical situation, drawing on your resourceful and independent approach, then this role could be just for you.