Sales & Marketing Graduate Scheme

I completed my scheme over a year ago. Back then, it was known as the Sales, Marketing & Strategy scheme, so we had a slightly broader focus than the graduates coming through now.  For me, the two years were a period of exploration and discovery. I got to find out what I liked and didn’t like – where my strengths were and where I could genuinely add value.

Two experiences were particularly formative. The first was my placement in Sales. I enjoyed this because it wasn’t about cold calling or the hard sell. It was all about developing commercial partnerships with other organisations. I was given a project on how to sell to a new part of the market – and this involved a lot of research and strategic thinking on how to best target that segment. 

The second experience that really stood out was in our contact centres. I was given the task of coaching our telesales teams to improve their performance. I had never really coached a team like this before, but really got a lot out of it. It proved successful too – their performance and results went up after our sessions.

These experiences have really helped me in my current role. Since the scheme, I’ve been working as a Complaints Transformation Manager. I’m responsible for changing the way our business handles complaints. It’s a role that sees me delivers training sessions to our customer facing centre teams — so I guess you could say I’ve got the training bug!