Q2 2014

Complaints reporting from the second quarter of 2014.

Complaints reporting in April to June 2014

The number of complaints we got

We recorded 279,609 complaints for residential customers this quarter, which means there were 3,921 complaints for every 100,000 customers.

This is a slight increase against the previous quarter. We have also seen an increase in demand over this period, which will have led to an increase in instances of dissatisfaction, as a certain percentage of customers who contact us will do so as they’re unhappy with something.

This increase in demand is in part due to us reviewing the monthly amount Direct Debit customers pay. We do this every spring as we are committed to ensuring that customers pay the right amount, and understand why their Direct Debit is at the amount it is to cover changes in seasonal energy usage.

We have been working to fix the things that go wrong and which cause customer dissatisfaction. You can see what we’re doing about the most common reasons for customer complaints below.

Complaints we were able to fix before the end of the next working day and within eight weeks

We managed to sort out 80.0% of complaints by the end of the next working day and 93.0% of all residential customers’ complaints were sorted out within eight weeks.

We continue to roll out and embed ‘Handle with Care’, our new complaints handling process. Looking against the previous quarter, the number of complaints closed on the same day has fallen, showing that the work we have done with our advisors in complaints handling is becoming more effective.

However, ‘Handle with Care’ will result in us taking more time to resolve the more complicated issues. This is because we aim to make sure that when we fix something for a customer it is fixed for once and for all. As a result we have seen a slight increase in complaints reaching 8+ weeks.

We have recently rolled out a new complaints management system across the business. This will better support our complaints handlers and enable us to give customers the best possible experience while we deal with their complaint.

We also constantly monitor and manage how effectively and efficiently our teams are handling and resolving complaints and continue to address any behavioural issues that could affect the customer experience.

What should I do if I want to complain to E.ON?

 We have a clear process for handling complaints. The first step is to contact us and let us know you’re dissatisfied. It’s important that we hear directly from you about what’s making you unhappy so we have a chance to fix it.

If you have already spoken to us but would like to get additional impartial, clear and practical advice you can, at any point, visit the Citizens Advice Bureau website or call their helpline on 03454 04 05 06.