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Information about your gas transporter's complaints process and licence standards

Getting money back and sorting out complaints

When you can expect to hear back if you complain

Your gas transporter will get back to you in detail within 10 working days upon receipt of a complaint in writing or over the telephone to a specified customer services telephone number.

If a visit to your premises, or additional information from a third party is required to sort out the complaint, they’ll issue an initial written response within 10 working days to explain the situation and also provide you with a point of contact.

They’ll then send you a more detailed answer within 20 working days of getting your complaint.

If they don’t meet those deadlines, they’ll pay you £20. You’ll also get £20 for every extra 5 working days you don’t hear from them, up to a maximum of £100. 

Getting your compensation payments

If your gas transporter doesn’t meet one or more of the standards, they’ll write to you (or us) and pay you what they owe within 20 working days of the compensation being due.

If they don’t, you’ll get an extra £20.

For unplanned interruptions, your gas transporter will also make payments if your premises are not connected to their pipeline system. These payments will either be paid to you or the gas transporter, whose pipelines are connected to your premises within 10 working days. Where payments have been received from other gas transporters, your gas transporter will pass this payment to you within 5 working days.

A cap on how much you'll get back

There’s a cap on how much your gas transporter will pay for problems to do with getting quotes, setting work dates, or asking about new connections and changes. The cap is £250 for small or medium supplies, and £500 for large supplies.

What's not covered

There are some situations that aren’t covered by the guaranteed standards – these are usually cases where we don’t have any control over what’s happened, for example: 

• Particularly severe weather.
• Industrial action.
• Damage caused by the customer.
• Not being able to get into a building.
• Disputes over labour.
• Safety reasons.
• Legal reasons.

Gas transporter's licence standards

Calls to your gas transporter

Your gas transporter will answer your call within 30 seconds. This covers the National Gas Emergency Service, the meter enquiry line and the meter point reference number helpline. They aim to answer 90% of calls within that time.

Responding to gas emergencies

An engineer will get to uncontrolled gas leaks within 1 hour, and controlled leaks within 2 hours.

They aim to get to 97% of leaks, whether uncontrolled or controlled, within that time.  The performance actually achieved by each GT for the period 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017 is shown in the table on page 8 in the Gas Transportation customer standards performance report. 



What you can expect

Standards of Services