Castelford CHPCastleford was originally commissioned in October 2002 as a 56MWe CHP facility. It was designed to serve a chemical intermediates manufacturing facility and was capable of supplying the client's entire electrical and steam requirements.

The CHP plant design incorporated a single General Electric LM6000PD gas turbine exhausting via a bypass stack into a waste heat recovery boiler fitted with both supplementary and auxiliary firing capability. A 13MWe condensing steam turbine with steam extraction also provided additional plant operational flexibility by meeting variations in steam loads and the capacity for additional electricity generation. The plant is designed to be both highly fuel efficient and environmentally friendly with the fitting of dry low NOx combustion systems.

In July 2005, the client ceased production hence the plant has been reconfigured to operate as a standalone Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power station within the wider E.ON UK portfolio.