Port of Liverpool

Cargill Plc and Peel Ports Group Ltd

We own, operate and maintain the CHP plant, generating 30MWe and 55MWth for Peel Ports, Cargill, DACSA Ltd and a range of other port users. Initially operating from 2004 to support the energy requirements for Cargill Plc and Peel Ports Group Ltd and it’s tenants, we later identified the possibility of utilising spare steam capacity to supply another business. So in 2016 DACSA Ltd were connected as a new customer for the site. We’ve been able to help businesses to take control of their energy usage, whilst utilising the full potential of the CHP plant. 

Port of Liverpool CHP at a glance 

- Generates 30MWe and 55MWth

- Supplies steam and/or energy to Peel Ports, Cargill, DACSA and a range of tenants within the Port of Liverpool site

- Steam can be produced at up to 55 tonnes/hr

- Energy generated in excess to customer requirements is exported to the grid  

- Full suite of back-up boilers to ensure our customers’ can run around the clock