Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospitals Trust

Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham, the largest hospital in the UK, is a centre of excellence in patient care, teaching and research.

Constant energy and power demands and the ever increasing need to be cost efficient made a CHP scheme the perfect solution to reduce the hospital's energy costs. As a result, a CHP plant was installed to supply the hospital's energy needs for 15 years.

The plant generates 4.9MW of electricity from a single gas turbine and the waste heat recovery boiler produces 12 tonnes of steam per hour. This is used for heating, cooling (via absorption chillers) and equipment sterilisation. Standby power supplies come from the local electrical grid into which the plant can also export, and steam backup comes from other boilers.

Although all major maintenance is the responsibility of E.ON UK CHP, the plant is operated on a day-to-day basis by Queen's Medical Centre staff.