Ovenden Moor

Ovenden Moor Wind Farm located in West Yorkshire came into operation in June 1993. It was completed with financial assistance from the European Union under its Thermie programme, which supported the development of 'green' technologies.

The wind farm is owned by Yorkshire Windpower Limited which is a joint venture between E.ON and Energy Power Resources Limited (EPRL). In 2015, the 23 original turbines were decommissioned, after supplying wind power for over 22 years. As technology has moved on, we’re now able to produce twice as much energy with half as many turbines.

We’ve already done some preliminary construction work on the site, to help with the installation of the new turbines, including upgrading the access track to the site. We’re also preparing the ground and the foundation bases for the new turbines.

To keep on track of the development of the wind farm, go to Ovenden Moor Repower

Site Statistics
Location Halifax, West Yorkshire
Project scope  23 turbines 
Turbine height  31.5m to hub, 48.9m to tip 
Total power 9.2MW