Portbury Dock

We have made the decision not to  proceed with the Portbury Dock Biomass Project, but remain committed to investing in the UK, with our dedicated biomass plant, Blackburn Meadows in Sheffield, due to be  operational in 2014 and the Humber Gateway offshore wind farm  scheduled to open in 2015.

We continue to believe the UK could be a good market for investment in which sustainable biomass has an important part to play. In reaching this decision we considered many factors however under the current regulatory and policy framework we concluded that this project was not a priority investment for E.ON. 

We believe that a diverse energy mix is the best way of ensuring security of supply, while minimising our impact on the environment and keeping the cost of generation as low as possible.  Therefore it is now critical that we push ahead with the Government’s Electricity Market Reform so that we can deliver investment in the UK.

We continue to be a leader in the development of biomass generation and currently own and operate one of the UK's largest dedicated biomass plants at Steven's Croft in Scotland, which continues to generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 70,000 homes every year.