Camster II Wind Farm

After initial feasibility studies, we've identified an area between Watten and Lybster in Caithness as a potential site for a new wind farm development project. The site is nearby our newly operational Camster Wind Farm so we've decided to call this project Camster II.

This is following Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) awarding us the right to explore the potential for new wind energy projects on two areas of land within the Scottish National Forest Estate. This is part of the FCS search for development partners to maximise Scotland's wind potential.

We are going to continue to perform studies throughout 2016 to determine the suitability and potential of the site, looking at things such as the ecology and the topographical landscape of the site.  And, although it shares a name and a location with our operational site, this new project will still go through the planning system normally and be considered on its own merits.