Consultation and engagement

We’ve held public information days, set up a Community Liaison Group and held design workshops so that we can understand the views of the community and incorporate them into our plans.

Here are some of your comments and how we’ve responded: 

1. You were concerned about the proximity of turbines to the nearest property.

We’ve increased the buffer zone between turbines and properties to at least 1km. 

2. You were concerned about the Landscape and Visual Impact of the site, specifically on the Wildlands to the north.

We have reduced the developable area, particularly that to the north of the site which now limits the areas in which turbines can be located. 

3. You were concerned about how the wind farm would look from specific locations that are important to you.

We provided wireframes from specific properties, sought advice on view points from the CLG, The Highland Council and statutory consultees, and will continue to listen to the concerns of the community. 

4. You are concerned about the impact of noise on the properties nearest to the turbine locations

We are just about to undertake noise monitoring on the site to ensure there will be no noise impact on the nearest properties
As the project progresses, we’ll continue to provide opportunities for meaningful consultation like our planned exhibitions in November.