Initial assessments

In October 2011, we submitted a scoping document to key statutory and local community stakeholders to get their views on what we should include in our formal studies. 

Natural Power Consultants Ltd, environmental consultant specialists who are based in St John’s Town of Dalry, are undertaking all of the environmental impact assessments and surveys. Their findings will form part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which is necessary for all wind farms.

The EIA typically considers issues such as:

  • Cultural Heritage survey
  • Landscape and Visual Impact
  • Cumulative impact
  • Noise
  • Shadow flicker
  • Access and transport
  • Ecology
  • Ornithology
  • Aviation
  • Telecoms
  • Ground conditions
  • Layout design

Following planning permission from Dumfries and Galloway Council earlier in 2011 we installed two meteorological (met) masts on the site. The masts will gather information about wind, other weather-related data and will help us to carry out noise studies. We’ll start monitoring background noise levels in Spring 2012. The noise information we gather will be used by independent consultants to complete a thorough noise assessment.