Blackburn Meadows

In November 2011 we began clearing the site at Blackburn Meadows in Sheffield to prepare the land for the construction of a biomass renewable energy plant at Blackburn Meadows in Sheffield.

The 30MW renewable energy plant will produce enough power for around 40,000 homes by converting recycled waste wood into electricity. The plant will also displace the emissions of around 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, the equivalent of taking more than 20,000 cars off the UK's roads each year, by burning carbon neutral fuel in place of traditional fossil fuels like coal and gas.

We will use UK sourced recycled waste wood to power the plant and, as far as is possible, will use local companies throughout the construction. It is expected that the site will create around 30 full-time jobs within the local area once operational in mid 2014.

The site, situated approximately 5.5km north east of Sheffield city centre, has a strong heritage of power production and has excellent links to electricity infrastructure and transport networks. We're looking to breathe life back into the redundant Blackburn Meadows site and believe that a biomass development is a great opportunity to make a contribution to the Yorkshire and Humber regions target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

At Blackburn Meadows, we will put in place a community benefits fund worth up to £25,000 a year to support local projects throughout the lifetime of the plant, enhance the appearance and biodiversity of the area through landscaping and construct an onsite visitor centre, which will show how energy is produced as well as highlighting the industrial heritage of the site.

We’ve been working with local authorities throughout the UK, including Sheffield to explore renewable energy technologies and improve energy efficiency. In February 2011, Sheffield City Council and E.ON launched a project to help the city's long term plans to produce enough renewable energy to become self sufficient. We are also working with Sheffield City Council on its public art competition and the company has committed £500,000 to the project which will create a permanent piece of art work for the area. We are also looking at opportunities to supply heat to neighbouring commercial and industrial establishments, further boosting the project's green status and efficiency.

All of the documents that form our planning application are available online and on the following pages you can read our Environmental Statement. You can also view detailed maps of the location and design of the site, as well as find out more about the positive impact the plant will make to Sheffield City's regeneration objectives.