Rampion offshore wind farm - E.ON

Current Status

September 2017

The project reached a significant milestone in September 2017 as installation of  all 116 turbines was completed. 

Over the last six months, since the first turbine was installed in early March, two jack up vessels - the MPI Discovery and MPI Adventure - have worked tirelessly to install each turbine, transporting the components for eight turbines at a time from Esbjerg in Denmark to the site 13 kilometres off the Sussex coast.

Each turbine consists of an 80 metre tower, weighing approximately 200 tonnes, which has been lifted and positioned onto each foundation, a nacelle, fitted to the top of each tower, which houses the generator and gearbox and three blades, each measuring 55 metres in length which have been hoisted and connected one at a time.

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Further Information

For further information on the project, please read our latest newsletter Issue 8 here

For further information on the turbine layout please see the following map

NOTICE: Please could all sea users make themselves aware of the increasing intensity of high-speed construction craft off the coast, in our 'Guidance for Third Party Vessels on Rampion CTV Operations'

Latest Information

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Rampion infrastructure planning.

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