Site Statistics
Location Between the villages of Winwick and Cold Ashby, Northamptonshire
Project scope  7 turbines 
Turbine height  Up to 126.5m to tip 
Total power  Up to 17.5MW 
Status In planning

Latest news

May 2012

Following the public inquiry we have put forward an alternative six turbine project, with the turbine closest to Winwick village removed. We can expect a final decision on both the six and seven turbine projects to be made in July to early August. We believe our proposals to build a seven turbine wind farm are appropriate for the site but recognise it is open to the planning inspector to take a different view.

August 2011 

We have lodged a planning appeal for our proposed Winwick Wind Farm. The appeal was accepted as valid by the planning inspectorate on 8 July 2011. It is expected that a public inquiry will now be held in early 2012 to determine the planning application.

24 May 2010

We held three information days at West Haddon Village Hall on 24 May, 4pm to 8pm, Cold Ashby Memorial Hall on 25 May, 4pm to 8pm and Guilsborough Village Hall on 27 May, 4pm to 8pm. The full planning application was on display showing all aspects of the final scheme.

18 May 2010

We submitted the planning application on 17 May 2010 to Daventry District Council. The application was validated on 2 June and the planning documents (including the Environmental Statement and Non Technical Summary) are available for viewing at the Council offices in Daventry, at Brixworth Information Centre and from this website. 

10 May 2010

Winwick wind farm has become the first wind farm in the UK to receive an award through the Civil Engineering and Environmental Quality Assessment and Award Scheme (CEEQUAL) for its sustainability. Further details can be found here.

31 March 2010

We held a fact-finding tour on Tuesday 20 April 2010 at one of our operational wind farms, Stag's Holt near March, Cambridgeshire. It was a great opportunity to be shown around an operational site and see inside the control room. Transport was provided from West Haddon, Cold Ashby and Kelmarsh Hall and the tour lasted around six hours.

29 March 2010

We've produced a newsletter (available in related downloads below) to update the local community and address some of the issues and comments gathered at the exhibitions and recent information days.

8 February 2010

We held two information days on the proposed access route through Thornby and Guilsborough on 15 and 16 February.

Monday 15 February from 4pm to 8pm
Thornby Village Hall
Welford Road

Tuesday 16 February from 4pm to 8pm
Guilsborough Village Hall
The Green
High Street

9 December 2009

The met mast was installed and we will use the wind speed data to help us to optimise the site layout and maximise generation from the proposed wind farm.

13 November 2009

We held two public exhibitions on 10 and 11 November 2009 where we shared information about the proposal with the local communities. Over 180 people attended over the two days. 

If you did not have the opportunity to speak with us at the public exhibitions please do not hesitate to contact us. You can email us at

28 October 2009

We received permission to install a met mast to measure wind speeds.

2 October 2009

We held two public exhibitions on 10 and 11 November and we heard some of your feedback. The exhibition details are below:

Tuesday 10 November from 2pm to 9pm
West Haddon Village Hall
The Green
West Haddon

Wednesday 11 November from 1pm to 8pm
Cold Ashby Memorial Hall
Main Street
Cold Ashby

1 June 2009

Daventry District Council has accepted the scoping request. Our next step is to register a planning application for an anemometry mast (met mast) to measure wind speeds. We will also be selecting sites to install noise monitoring equipment.

1 May 2009

We've submitted a scoping report to Daventry District Council. The scoping document sets out the technical and environmental investigations which will be undertaken as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Why Winwick?

Winwick was chosen on which to develop a wind farm as the site has a good wind resource. Initial studies have found that this is a suitable place to responsibly develop a wind farm. 

Early days 

At this early stage of the project our goal is to serve the community's best interests and to that end we are employing independent specialist consultants to investigate the impacts that the proposed wind farm could have and, on that basis, reach an optimised design which addresses all relevant issues. 

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) typically takes between 18 to 24 months as it involves significant amounts of studies. The issues considered in such an assessment would normally include:

  • Scoping 
  • Heritage survey 
  • Landscape and Visual Impact 
  • Cumulative impact 
  • Noise 
  • Shadow flicker 
  • Access and transport 
  • Ecology 
  • Ornithology 
  • Aviation 
  • Telecoms 
  • Ground conditions 
  • Layout design 

Community engagement

A public exhibition took place in 2009 to introduce the proposal to the local community. There was an opportunity to ask us any questions about the proposed development. 

We aim to provide you with information to understand the benefits and possible impacts of the proposed wind farm in a variety of accessible formats. The web page and email address will help us share this information, receive your feedback, address any concerns and contribute ideas into the project design. For updates on Winwick Wind Farm, please email