Worcester Bosch EasyControl

Get an efficient heating system, built perfectly around you and your household.

Save energy with the EasyControl

The Worcester Bosch EasyControl is a smart thermostat which you can use to control the temperature in your home - even when you're not there. It's currently only available to customers buying a new boiler from us, so start by getting a quote for a boiler.

No more wasted heat

The EasyControl knows when you're home and when you're not - switching the heating off when you don't need it.

Manage from anywhere

Left home in a hurry? With the app you can access and alter the room temperature and humidity even after you've rushed out.

Understands your routine

The EasyControl learns your heating habits and adapts to match them, meaning less time spent making manual changes.

Hot water control

You can also use the EasyControl to control your hot water so you're never heating more than you need to.

Who can get the EasyControl?

Available in two colours, the EasyControl can be fitted to the Life & Style combi boiler range. You'll need a Wi-Fi connection for it to work though. We're currently only offering it to customers who are buying a new boiler from us so start with a quote for a new boiler. 

Can I control the heating room by room?

You can create zones in your home and control them independently. To do this you'll need smart TRVs on at least one radiator. The EasyControl currently supports up to 19 TRVs. For complete comfort, Bosch recommends fitting a smart TRV to every radiator in the home.

What is a smart TRV?

A smart TRV is a smart thermostatic radiator valve. This is the device necessary for zoning your home and creating room by room heating control with the EasyControl.

What is presence detection?

Connected to your smart device, the EasyControl recognises when the house is empty and turns the heating off. It can also detect when you're on your way home and turn the heating up to your preferred temperature. You can connect up to ten devices, giving multiple members of the household control - the heating won't turn off until the last device has left the house.

Can I set my heating manually instead of using presence detection?

Yes, you can use the app to turn the feature off in settings. For your peace of mind, all data is stored on the EasyControl, meaning no information gets shared with third parties.

How do I program my hot water?

You can use the app to choose the times that you want your boiler to give you hot water so you can be sure it's ready when you need it.

Make it easy with the EasyControl app

The app shows you graphs of your gas consumption for heating and hot water. It also shows you how efficient your heating programmes are, so you can adjust them to keep your energy use at the best level for you. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

What if I have a problem?

You can use the app to report any problems, like if you have no heating or hot water. Even when everything is working fine, you can book your annual boiler service through the app. With the three year service plan, you don't even need to do that. Worcester Bosch will contact you directly to arrange your service when it's due.

How much does it cost?

The EasyControl costs £260 in white or black. If you don't have a wired thermostat already, you'll also need  the Worcester Greenstar 8000 wireless key. This costs £57. When you buy the EasyControl with a new boiler from us, you can include the cost of the EasyControl in your boiler finance package.1

The legal stuff

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