Hospitality and leisure

Explore tailored energy solutions for private, public and council-owned spaces including gyms and leisure centres, hotels, event spaces and restaurants.

A leading leisure and healthcare company saves over £650,000 a year using excess heat energy to warm their swimming pools

Manage your building’s environment

Use automated controls to ensure your customers’ comfort.

Tailored financial support

The right solution to help your business work around tight budgets.

Stay in control

Keep your operational costs down and meet your targets.

Solar PV

Make the most of your buildings’ space by installing solar panels on site. Generate your own renewable energy and lower your energy bills as well as your carbon emissions.

How ACC Liverpool generate £20,000 of renewable energy

We installed 925 solar PV panels to help ACC Liverpool become one of the most sustainable venues of its kind. Want to find out how?

E.ON have been our energy partner from day one and they’re a huge part of our ongoing drive for ever-greater sustainability.

Gerald Andrews, Director of Finance and Administration, ACC Liverpool

Thinking long term

30% of businesses aim to generate revenue from surplus energy.

How can boards be switched on to energy?

What can be done to make energy strategy a board-level priority?

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