Blackburn Meadows

Our biomass-fuelled combined heat and power plant at Blackburn Meadows uses recycled waste wood from the surrounding area to power 40,000 homes

The challenge

As part of our commitment to creating a new energy world, we’re always looking to develop innovative ways to generate, store and supply energy. Blackburn Meadows is our biomass-fuelled CHP plant, generating 29MWe and up to 25MWth. The heat we generate supplies local businesses through our own district heating network, including Sheffield Arena and Forgemaster Steel Works. 

The results

  • 25MWth energy generated a year
  • 40,000 homes supplied with energy
  • 10MW battery installed

Working with E.ON on the Blackburn Meadows energy storage project has been a real pleasure. It takes strong collaboration between all parties to make projects like this a success.

Matteo Rizzi, Nidec Industrial Solutions’, Director Global Sales

How we did it

We developed a plant that burns recycled waste wood to generate heat and power. To reduce our environmental impact even further, the waste wood biomass is sourced from a 50-mile radius. 
It is also helping us lead the way in battery storage systems. In 2016, National Grid awarded us a contract to support the national grid’s stability with an innovative battery solution. The battery system at Blackburn Meadows became operational in 2017, allowing us to help shape the future energy market.

Biomass plant

We use a biomass plant to convert recycled wood into electricity, producing renewable energy.

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